Almost Finished

The third-last block is done.

The second-last one is halfway done.

As is the last one! Four more quick seams and all the blocks will be finished. That can easily be done during a baseball game tonight.

They would have been finished last night but I got caught up in a work-related project that took away some of my stitching time. However, tonight they will be finished. No vinyl tablecloth with the flannel backing was found yesterday, but Mr. Q.O. has said he’ll check out a couple of the dollar stores near us today to see if one can be found. Then the fun will begin!

I’m playing with design ideas for a Memories of Lester/Max quilt. It will be a two-colour quilt for sure. Maybe involving stars. Maybe involving curves. Maybe involving both. EQ will definitely get a work-out this weekend as I want to see if I can figure out a design.

This was our view out the living room window yesterday, late in the afternoon. At this time of year, when the sun hits the buildings there is often a pink cast to the buildings. Even though it was quite windy yesterday, we still have loads of green leaves left on the trees.

Baxter was working the kitty concession stand at the concourse at the baseball game. The menu makes me laugh out loud.

Later on he was resting on top of the loveseat.

7 thoughts on “Almost Finished

  1. Yummm! Catnip Candy Floss, but the Fish Broth Latte, not so much! I bet he’d gobble it all up plus the clams!
    Isn’t it exciting to have the blocks almost done!


  2. Have you tried looking at a dressmaking/decorator fabric store? We have Hancock Fabrics here in the South (US) and they have the vinyl tablecloth fabric with flannel backing on large rolls and you can purchase it by the yard. Just a thought.


  3. HI Cathi,
    I love reading your posts about Baxter and following you on your various projects. I have just finished a quilt top using 8″ and 4″ drunkards path blocks. The small blocks you were making using the inklingo really intregue me. How do you print on dark fabrics, like black. Does the light ink actually show up on this. What kind of printer do you have, or does it matter.
    Thanks, Maria


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