Stormy Seas Block Beginning & Decision Made

This was the total of my stitching yesterday. One centre and the four little square in a square corners for another Stormy Seas block. With any luck, I’ll get the diamonds into rectangles and the block put together tonight. Looking at this picture has me thinking about using the green fabric that the pieces are laid out on for the binding of the Stormy Seas quilt when I get to that point.

Sunday night I just couldn’t sleep and was wide awake until all hours. Which turned yesterday into a bit of a wasteland as far as getting things done goes and that’s why so little stitching was done.

But I have made a decision. I’m going to finish Memories of Smudge as my baseball playoffs quilt top while also working on the Stormy Seas blocks. Now that I’m stitching the Stormy Seas blocks again I have settled into a stitching sequence that really works for me, so I think that’s a sign it’s time to get them done. I can’t wait to see how Stormy Seas is going to look when all the blocks are done and laid out.

One thing we did do yesterday was some grocery shopping. We had seen the news reports stating that up to 80 per cent of our apple crops were destroyed by the mild March followed by the cold April and then incredibly hot summer and — well, they weren’t kidding.  Normally at this time of year there would be baskets and baskets full of fabulous apples to choose from. Not this year. There are some, but they are small and a lot of the ones on display didn’t look very good.

“First Leaf.”

Baxter is spending more time in “his” chair these days or in his kitty bed. Makes me wonder if we’ll need to move his kitty tree away from the window once the cold weather starts. He’s definitely getting his winter coat and is getting that wonderful shaggy Maine Coon look.

5 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Block Beginning & Decision Made

  1. Very pretty fabrics on these blocks Cathi!~ You will enjoy stitching with the games, glad you made your decision. The poll was fun to watch. Interesting about the apples. Meat is suppose to go up here with the corn shortage. Right now, the market is flooded, as farmers are getting rid of animals so they dont have to feed them. However, it will go up as shortages come about. They say. Smudge is a beautiful kitty. Interesting about him not being near the window…


  2. Oh, Cathi, I’m so sorry about your apples. I went picking last Friday and they were wonderful here in central Ohio. I’ll think of you and send you a “mind tart” when I start peeling this afternoon.


  3. I will be keeping an eye on the posts to see both of these lovely quilts in progress once again. MY DD told me the same thing about the apples in upstate NY where she lives. The orchards haven’t much in the way of cider to sell and apple were more of the school boy size than the huge one from last year. My apples are smaller too but Mr Creative tells me it’s because he didn’t thin enough this spring LOL


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