Memories of Smudge Block 14

One more done, 11 left to go. I could have finished another of the Memories of Smudge blocks last night but I got distracted.

Seams graded and block pressed, ready to go in the stack with the others.

Distracted by what? Well, while I’m working towards finishing the Stormy Seas and Memories of Smudge tops I’m also planning two other new quilts.

One will be made with this grouping of fabrics and one other fabric. What that fabric might be I’m not sure yet, although I’m leaning towards a white.

The other will be made with this trio of fabrics. I initially thought I’d make it a two-colour brown and cream quilt but wasn’t sure I could stay the course working with brown. I talked about that with a friend who suggested I add some pink to the mix. That made all the difference. Pink makes everything better as far as I’m concerned!

My mother believed redheads should wear browns of all shades from rust to chocolate, so as a teenager my wardrobe seemed to have an overabundance of those colours. Now I never wear brown. Maybe a little beige but not brown. And that’s why I knew working with just brown and cream was not going to work for me.

We were out running some errands yesterday and I noticed the leaves are definitely changing colour. Of course I forgot the camera.

Baseball season may be drawing to a close, but Baxter’s ready for football games in his shaggy coat.

We have some huge robins out on the roof garden this fall and Baxter has been patrolling the windowsill keeping an eye on them.

10 thoughts on “Memories of Smudge Block 14

  1. Oh that Baxter! He always gives me a good laugh. I am not sure I would have stuck to one color range for a child, despite his/her hair color; however, it certainly must have been easier to do so. Lol, I had a thing for greens in much the same way until it was cured by making a predominantly green quilt! The pink certainly does something for that combination for sure.


  2. Oooh!! Ooooh!! Oooh!! Can’t wait to see what you do with those combos! Love the butterfly and brights. And your friend was right…the pink makes it work! And what a great pic of Baxter….handsome boy!


  3. Hmmm…are you thinking about Hunter’s star perhaps?
    Baxter sure gets in to the thick of things with his sports! Is that a raccoon or beaver coat he’s wearing? He sure looks all grown up!


    • I was just looking at the new post for Hunter’s Star and it is so beautiful! I’d be tempted to machine piece that one! I will look more when it comes out. A real beauty!


  4. Love that multi color fabric. Last night I cut fabrics for more spool blocks. I plan to bring plenty of stuff to sew on when camping. We camp in a fifth wheel which we call a palace lol.


  5. I’m with you on brown and beige, always need a color added to make it interesting. I have had huge robins in my backyard too. I haven’t seen many all summer and now there are lots of them every day. I can’t believe how fat they are. I wonder where they spent their summer.


  6. This is my favorite photo of Baxter, thus far. He looks so regal. You can really get a feel for how long he is. Simply beautiful!~ Just like your block! Funny how memories and experiences effect other areas of our lives. I enjoyed hearing this story about browns. Are those turkey robins in the sky in the Baxtertoon?!?! Lovely fabrics that you are playing with.


  7. Baxter certainly does look imperial in this photo! The butterfly group is lovely, and white would set those colours off well. I know what you mean about brown and beige, but at least I wore other colours a a child…….even the dreaded pink, which didn’t suit me at all…… wasn’t the red hair, it was the skin tone…….which is why I would have put blue or green with your brown fabrics, had it been my quilt.


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