A Very Favourite Fabric

Years ago (and I’m not sure quite how many years that may have been, but I think it’s at least eight), I bought a half yard of this fabric. I fell in love with it at the store the second … Continue reading

The Final Three Possibilities

There were actually four more I was thinking of, but one of them got ruled out as there isn’t any chance I could finish it. So now I’m down to three more possibilities for the quilt I work on during … Continue reading

Lots of Shabby

Joseph’s coat is growing. It’s amazing just how quickly it’s growing. I can imagine having a lap quilt done within a few weeks — if I devoted all my stitching time to it, that is.

That said, I don’t want to leave out the Yin Yang blocks. Monday night I got this one put together, another one half done and the partial ring that can be seen in the top picture of the shabby coat.

Every time I make one of these Yin Yang blocks and press it, I’m thrilled with how easily it presses flat.

Smudge was posing on the top of the loveseat.  Mr. Q.O. calls this photo “Quilter’s Cat” because of the quilting paraphernalia visible in the background.

Contented Kitty Block

Much as I’m trying to concentrate on just one project right now, I can’t resist these Contented Kitty, aka Yin Yang, blocks. They are incredibly satisfying to put together and so quick to stitch. While I want to get the Contented Kitty quilt done fairly quickly, I’m contemplating doing some of the blocks in my favourite shabby chic fabrics. It’s so much fun to see how different they look when other fabrics are used. Then I keep thinking that they’d be amazing done in a variety of batiks and hand-dyed fabrics.

The possibility of doing a quilt using just 2 fabrics also intrigues me. I have a feeling the effect would be rather spectacular when the blocks were all joined together. The Inklingo Yin Yang collection makes the idea of doing a few different small quilts using this block completely possible. I wouldn’t want to try making these without it.

The press like a dream and the back looks almost as good as the front.

I laid out the pieces for another Contented Kitty block. Every time I stitch one, I”m as fascinated as I was by the first one.

Tuesday was incredibly hot, with a humidex reading of 39C. Out on the roof garden it was quite breezy and the heat wasn’t quite as oppressive.  I think today we’re going back to more normal temperatures, but it was sure nice to have that first real taste of summer.

Smudge was lounging.