Lots of Shabby

Joseph’s coat is growing. It’s amazing just how quickly it’s growing. I can imagine having a lap quilt done within a few weeks — if I devoted all my stitching time to it, that is.

That said, I don’t want to leave out the Yin Yang blocks. Monday night I got this one put together, another one half done and the partial ring that can be seen in the top picture of the shabby coat.

Every time I make one of these Yin Yang blocks and press it, I’m thrilled with how easily it presses flat.

Smudge was posing on the top of the loveseat.  Mr. Q.O. calls this photo “Quilter’s Cat” because of the quilting paraphernalia visible in the background.

9 thoughts on “Lots of Shabby

  1. Great blocks, Cathi. Fantastic growth on Joseph’s Coat and listen, this shot of Smudge is a really amazing photo. He’s so focused and regal. Wow!!!


  2. I had meant to get started on Joseph’s Coat by now but my daughter has been visiting for the last three days and plans changed. Now I hope to get busy on it later this week. I love how your quilt is growing.


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