A Busy Weekend

A lot of the weekend was spent reorganizing my fabric. By the time Sunday night rolled around, I had everything sorted and in a container. This is something I’ve been trying to get done for the past few weeks and, as we’re heading into hot and humid weather, I decided this weekend was time.

As I was sorting through fabric, I pulled out the piece shown in the photo. I remember buying it at Creativ Festival about 5 years ago. The minute I saw it, I had to buy it. Since then, I’ve pulled it out from time to time but have yet to use it. This time, though, I was struck again by just how much I like it. Some lime, pink, hot pink, a light blue, maybe even a black are going to be pulled and put with it and see where that leads me. Will it be some type of Dresden? Perhaps a clamshell design? A lot of ideas are already starting.

I wonder how many of us have pieces that we keep looking at and putting away again. Do you have a fabric which you keep looking at, wondering just how you’re going to use it?

Smudge is really enjoying the warmer weather stretched out on the windowsill.

7 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend

  1. It’s very summer looking and would make a gorgeous skirt or light summer jacket even.
    Ooooohhhh yes, I have a couple pieces of fabric that I just adore and have not cut into yet. I can’t wait to see what you make Cathi. Love the photos of Smudge on the windowsill lately.


  2. I have several pieces that I just have to find the right thing to do with them and then you have to make sure you bought enough for the project!
    Hot and humid here, too. Three inches of rain last night, loud thunder all night long, not much sleep around here! This won’t help with the Missouri flooding situation!
    That has to be a long windowsill to fit that kittie!


  3. Oooo that is a pretty fabric. I’m sure that some day you will come up with the perfect project, in the mean time you can just pet it :0)



  4. Pretty fabric! I know just what you mean about getting fabric out and putting it away again…..here in Australia we call it our ‘holy’ fabric, because it’s too special to use and is only meant to be admired. Smudge looks very comfortable!


  5. Good Morning!
    I’ll admit to having fabric….looking at endless times…and wondering! Most of my ponder comes from how much can/should I move and take along! I’ve finally started considering
    wrapping breakables with fabric…to pack…then surprise hubby/family when I once again
    have a stash…but where to put it in a small student housing apartment!!!! ;-)))) Ahhhh,
    the perils of stashing! Hope you are feeling well…migraine less….and have a wonderful
    week! Hugs!


  6. Hi, Cathi!

    I fully understand having a piece of fabric you just can’t seem to cut into. I have more than one but my favorite happens to be a light aqua with winter tree branches in various shades of brown with the most adorable kittens perched on the snow covered limbs. I get it out just to look at it then put it back in the cabinet for another day. Maybe one day I’ll actually use it rather than leaving it behind for someone else to do something with! Love that cat of yours! My Maine Coon mix, Bailey, often sits on the sewing table while I am sewing or beside me on the couch as I sew or read. Love them!



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