Pinks and Greens and Black and White

I’m back to piecing the border blocks for the Pickled Ladies top, but I had to take some time on the weekend to go through and pick out all my pink and green batiks, so I can dream about making … Continue reading

A Batik Sunflower and the Book of Lists

It may be cold and there may be snow on the ground, but this mostly pink sunflower makes me think of summer weather. I’m now trying to stay focused on just the sunflowers for a while. Perhaps I won’t make the … Continue reading

I’ve Got The Blues

Blue fabrics, that is. All I think I need to add to this group is some white and I may have the beginnings of a new project in mind.

What will it be? Perhaps a Dresden Plate variation? Something using some of the shapes in one of the Storm at Sea collections? Winding Ways? A two-tone Jane Austen quilt? The possibilities seem endless, but I know that doing something with these blues is definitely on the top of the list for a new project.

A grouping of blues or pinks always seems to motivate me to start something new and I do love two-tone quilts.

Baxter was very interested in something on the quilt rack. Mr. Q.O.’s caption?  “Let me just straighten out this seam here.”

A Busy Weekend

A lot of the weekend was spent reorganizing my fabric. By the time Sunday night rolled around, I had everything sorted and in a container. This is something I’ve been trying to get done for the past few weeks and, as we’re heading into hot and humid weather, I decided this weekend was time.

As I was sorting through fabric, I pulled out the piece shown in the photo. I remember buying it at Creativ Festival about 5 years ago. The minute I saw it, I had to buy it. Since then, I’ve pulled it out from time to time but have yet to use it. This time, though, I was struck again by just how much I like it. Some lime, pink, hot pink, a light blue, maybe even a black are going to be pulled and put with it and see where that leads me. Will it be some type of Dresden? Perhaps a clamshell design? A lot of ideas are already starting.

I wonder how many of us have pieces that we keep looking at and putting away again. Do you have a fabric which you keep looking at, wondering just how you’re going to use it?

Smudge is really enjoying the warmer weather stretched out on the windowsill.

Pretty Fabrics

While I know I’ll probably add to and subtract from this group of fabrics, I like the look of these for something.  What exactly, I’m not sure, but they’re staying together when they’re put away.  There’s a wonderful paisley fabric in that group that I know will be great for some fussy cutting.

What have I been doing?  Not much to show at the moment as I’ve been making more of the cream hexagon frames for the POTC blocks, spent a bit of time sorting out just how large I’ll make the Summer Picnic Dish and then figured out what I still need to print in order to make it the size I’ve decided upon, decided on two borders for a quilt top that I haven’t shown yet, and spent a bit of time working through another EQ lesson — on Tuesday, that is.  Wednesday was a bit of a write-off.

While I’m going to print all the pieces I need for the Summer Picnic Dish, I’m going to concentrate on making the arc/melon combinations and then, once those are done, start putting the top together.  I”m going to have to use a few different white on white fabrics as I don’t have anywhere near enough of the one I started with but I’m not stressed about that.

While we aren’t getting the snow that New York got, I had a migraine that just wouldn’t quit on Wednesday from that storm.  Didn’t stop me from stitching, but sure stopped me from dealing with anything on the computer.

I’m not sure what Lester was looking at when this picture was taken.  Probably a kitty toy on the floor.

Smudge has been playing more with toys over the past couple of days and his appetite is definitely on the increase.  We’re still syringe feeding, and likely will be for at least another month, but I think there’s progress.

It’s Way Too Cold!

Nothing much quilt-related to show.  My wrists have really flared up.  The swelling is noticeable at this point and the pain is getting rather tiresome.  However, I’m playing with an idea for a baby quilt, thinking of making a 12″ version of this block using some bright prints.  If I decide to do this, I think it will only take 6 blocks and a small border so could be made relatively quickly.  I’d love to be able to pull the fabrics I want to use, but that’s going to have to wait till this flare-up has ended.  At least I can plan.

Wind chill temperatures of -20C are just too cold for me, particularly when the wind is gusting between 40 and 60 kilometres per hour!  And we have to go to the vet this afternoon.  I’m going to put a fleecy towel in the carrier.  Thankfully, Mr. Q.O. can pull up right to the door and I can jump out with the carrier.  Because it’s so bitterly cold, Mr. Q.O. is going to stay in the car and keep it running so that Smudge goes right into a nice warm car after seeing the vet.  At least we’ve not had any snow other than a light dusting.

Once again, I’ve fallen way behind on responding to comments.  Until the inflammation in my wrists subsides, I’m trying to avoid the keyboard as much as possible.

The cats know how to deal with this weather.  They curl up and have a snooze.  First Smudge was on the couch, curled up with a teddy bear.

Then Lester.

Stormy Seas

Back in March, when the Inklingo Storm at Sea collections came out, I made this block and had a plan for a quilt using these 4 fabrics.

Why I’ll never know, but I didn’t sketch out my idea or make any notes about it. But, wanting to get the fabric cut and ready to print on the weekend, I sat down Saturday afternoon and tried to remember what I had in mind when I purchased the initial 4 fabrics.  I spent ages trying to sort out just what that plan was but finally realized that, whatever that initial idea was, it’s not going to happen.  Whatever it was I had in mind, I certainly didn’t buy enough of 2 of the batiks.  So I spent hours working on two different ideas, sorting out just how much of each fabric was needed for both those design ideas.  By Saturday evening, it was down to the point of calculating if I had enough square yardage of each fabric — and it went on and on. So instead of playing with needle and thread, I was working out fabric requirements with the calculator.

The pieces of paper headed “Monkey’s Inklingo Cheat Sheet” are invaluable when working out a quilt design and come with each collection as well as are available to download at the Inklingo Web site.  Once I get my design sorted out, I can make a note of exactly what size of fabric/freezer paper I need for each shape/each colour and am off to the races.  I use the cheat sheets all the time and keep them filed in an accordion folder with my freezer paper.  The four cheat sheets seen here, however, are destined for the recycling bin as neither idea is going to fly.

When I finally realized that neither idea would work with the initial 4 fabrics alone, I gave up for the evening.  On Sunday afternoon, I started going through batiks and pulled out some other blues and a green.  Now I know exactly what I’m going to do with these 11 fabrics and, with any luck, will have all the shapes I need for the stormy seas blocks printed sometime this week.  The only decision left to be made now is just how large I want to make the Storm at Sea quilt.  Once that’s decided I can have my cheat sheet filled out in no time.

We were about to go out somewhere on the weekend, and I had left my purse on the couch for a minute.  I think this look says Smudge was hoping we were off to the pet store for kitty food and toys.

Lester was having some quiet time on the windowsill, although there isn’t much activity now for him to watch other than flying leaves.

Fabric Play

Usually when I print shapes for what will be a scrappy quilt, I print lots more than I need.  These are left over from when I was making my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.  When I was making those blocks, I wanted to have lots of choices and the ability to change out colours when I was putting a block together. Then, when I had finished making the blocks, I had all these left-over pieces.  While some may think it’s wasteful, for me it’s like having a box full of ideas waiting to be discovered.  Over the past few days I’ve been playing with a design idea and last night I progressed from a rough sketch on paper to playing with the fabric shapes.  Once again, a digital camera is a great asset — I used it to take photos of the various layouts I’m playing with for future reference.

Tuesday was windy and rainy as a huge low pressure system came through.  I had a migraine from very early Tuesday morning but was still able to spend some time with fabric.  The tree in front of our living room window has now pretty well lost all its leaves thanks to the wind.

The vet called Tuesday and said he’ll call again on Saturday to see if Lester has had any symptoms reappear, in which case he’ll have another course of antibiotics.  So far, he seems like he’s over it but we’ll be watching him carefully over the next few days.  He was resting Tuesday evening.

Smudge was watching as I was laying out fabric pieces, although you can’t really tell that from this picture.  I kept waiting for him to decide to “help”, but he was interested in only watching this time.  I’m not altogether sure what the look on his face is saying — whether he was approving, bored or giving me one of those impossible to fathom kitty looks.