It’s Way Too Cold!

Nothing much quilt-related to show.  My wrists have really flared up.  The swelling is noticeable at this point and the pain is getting rather tiresome.  However, I’m playing with an idea for a baby quilt, thinking of making a 12″ version of this block using some bright prints.  If I decide to do this, I think it will only take 6 blocks and a small border so could be made relatively quickly.  I’d love to be able to pull the fabrics I want to use, but that’s going to have to wait till this flare-up has ended.  At least I can plan.

Wind chill temperatures of -20C are just too cold for me, particularly when the wind is gusting between 40 and 60 kilometres per hour!  And we have to go to the vet this afternoon.  I’m going to put a fleecy towel in the carrier.  Thankfully, Mr. Q.O. can pull up right to the door and I can jump out with the carrier.  Because it’s so bitterly cold, Mr. Q.O. is going to stay in the car and keep it running so that Smudge goes right into a nice warm car after seeing the vet.  At least we’ve not had any snow other than a light dusting.

Once again, I’ve fallen way behind on responding to comments.  Until the inflammation in my wrists subsides, I’m trying to avoid the keyboard as much as possible.

The cats know how to deal with this weather.  They curl up and have a snooze.  First Smudge was on the couch, curled up with a teddy bear.

Then Lester.

17 thoughts on “It’s Way Too Cold!

  1. Sorry to hear the cold weather is bothering you so much. Hope all goes well at the vet’s today. I love that new block. I think the brights would be great for a baby quilt. Respond when you are feeling better. It’s just good to read your daily updates. Try to stay warm.



  2. Take care of those wrists! Your province is getting the snow and cold, we have flooding and many roads washed out in my area and lots of things closed down. In 46 years, I’ve never seen rain, flooding and road washouts like we had inthe last 12 hours. Oops, now I’m telling my age!LOL! HOpe you get a great report on Smudge!


  3. Definitely take care of yourself!! It must be all that hand sewing. But honestly, I know when you love to to something so much it is difficult to stop. I am just like that. But give your wrists a little R&R. It has gotten chilly here over night too and there is a little snow on the ground… yuck! Hope all goes well with Smudge today!


  4. Cathi – I love that block – what Inklingo pieces are you using? Don’t answer that now 🙂 It is going to be so cute in bright prints.

    I cannot even imagine that kind of cold. Seems like the weather all over the world is going crazy. Here in Panama we are having the heaviest rains in decades – we should be in the 3 month dry season by now – but they are saying it is going to keep raining – yuck!

    Hope the vet pronounces Smudge cured!


  5. Wishing you a good report at the vet and a quick recovery of your wrists! Just no fun to suffer and look at all that you love…not being able to take up needle and thread! Hmmm,
    hibernation like the cats have discovered looks mighty tempting during these frigid, snowy days! Sending lots of big e-hugs!


  6. I’m sorry you are in such pain again Cathi!! I hope it settles down quickly. It’s been bitter cold here too. -15 on Sunday and that’s without the wind chill….brrrrr.



  7. I am happy to hear Smudge is doing better and hope you find some relief with your wrist very soon.
    Lovely block and what a great idea for a quilt!
    It’s cold here, well, for us… It’s in the 40s. Sure hope the citrus doesn’t freeze. I could certainly see the horses breath this morning at the birdbath, as they were drinking. I’m at the beach now (sitting in the truck with heater!) and I see a few horses in the dunes sunning themselves. There were a few shrimp boats yesterday afternoon, just off the shore and imagined how cold their hands must be. It’s a damp cold here.
    No need to reply Cathi. Just know we all enjoy your posts so much. I don’t reply as often, but read each one. Xo


  8. Thats a lovely block Cathie. Those temperatures are almost incomprehensible to me. I would love to be out in the snow for a bit…but not for long..and that cold even withought the snow snow…Mmm that wouldnt be so good either. I do hope your hands improve – happy planning


  9. Oh that’s really cold, I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like. We had floods at the weekend, the second in less than five months – not major flooding, but a real nuisance and enough to damage roads and farms. I’m not surprised your wrists flair up in that weather! Don’t worry about replying, we all understand. That’s interesting block, another one that looks curved…….although it isn’t! I hope Smudge had a good report from the vet.


  10. so sorry to hear that your wrists are really flaring and i’m saying prayers for you and Smudge to get better!…Beautiful fabrics in your block and perfect for the design too!…The ‘planning’ of a project has a wonderful joy all of it’s own!….Hope you have good news from the vet…Stay warm …Blessings to you and yours…Annie


  11. Sorry to read your wrists are playing up again. Take care!
    We have about the same weather as you have. Last week it was as cold as -15C. Now it is around -4C and snowing again. Great weather to stay inside like the cats do! I am thinking about coming back as a cat in my next life ^:^


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