Cats & Christmas Trees

A non-blogging friend sent me a link to this little animation yesterday and it made me laugh.  Many years ago, the night I decorated the Christmas tree I was woken by an enormous crash.  When I ran into the living room, I found the tree on its side, numerous broken ornaments and a huge mess.  The cat I had then had crawled up inside the tree and had managed to pull it over.  I’ve never had a large tree since. Small trees that can be put on a table or the piano, out of kitty reach, seem like a much safer alternative.  That said, we haven’t even got close to putting up a tree yet.  Maybe this weekend.

No stitching happened on Tuesday.   My wrist is feeling marginally better, so I’m sort of hoping that I can maybe take a stitch or two this evening.   I’ve got to be careful though, and may just have to accept that I can’t do too much for another few days.

Smudge is less jaundiced and has put on another third of a pound.  It’s pretty clear now that we’ll be syringe feeding him for the next couple of months.  The vet was pleased with his progress, and we go back again next Tuesday for another antibiotic shot, weigh-in and so that they can check his colour.  He was relaxing Tuesday night, in true Smudge fashion.

Lester has been staying cozy and warm in a kitty bed.

11 thoughts on “Cats & Christmas Trees

  1. Thank you for the kitty video chuckle! Amazing what a furry little friend can do! Glad Smudge is getting good reports…any hint of what caused the jaundice? Take good care of those wrists…and you’ll soon be back to all things you love!


  2. I’m glad to hear that ol’ Smudge is getting better and better. He’s going to get spoiled with all that hand feeding and will probably demand it even after he’s all well… true kitty fashion LOL.



  3. Simon’s Cat videos are so funny! We have gone for smaller trees on tables and surfaces rather than a large tree….easy to put up and pack away. Smudge does look better than he did, poor kitty, he didn’t look well at all for a while. And Lester knows where to spend cold weather!


  4. Glad to hear Smudge is doing better. LOVED the video, so did the Spotted One. When the cat started meowing he started watching. When I was a kid my 6 lb. Siamese brought down a 10 ft tree at about 2:00 a.m. Christmas nite. My grandparents were sleeping on the fold out couch and the tree was at the foot of their bed. To make matters worse, my grandmother hated cats! Our tree was always tied to a hook in the wall after that.


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