A New Quilt in the Making – Maybe

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been debating starting a new quilt top using either a Dresden Plate or Orange Peel variation. I have kept both of the Inklingo collections open on my computer as I’ve contemplated them. At the moment, an Orange Peel variation seems to be more likely. But not likely enough that I’m ready to commit to it and start to print on fabric.

Last weekend I started playing with possible fabric combinations.This is one of the possibilities although I think it needs something else added to it.

Another idea is one that I’ve been working on in EQ7 which will be a quilt with a 30″ Feathered Star as its centre. That one is more likely to get started as I have the fabrics for it picked out and set aside. I’m trying to not start it or the Dresden Plate or Orange Peel variation until I get either the Pickled Ladies top finished or all the little Drunkard’s Path blocks finished. This weekend I will get the final pieces needed for the Pickled Ladies printed along with more of the batiks for the sunflowers.

Seems Baxter was playing with fabric again.

He was perched on his chair watching me stitch last night. I think he was just waiting for a chance to grab a piece of fabric.

5 thoughts on “A New Quilt in the Making – Maybe

  1. I have a feeling that a new project will emerge anyway! It’s just too tempting!

    Baxter has that look in his eyes watching all that fabric untouched by his little, or rather, BIG paws!


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