I’ve Got The Blues

Blue fabrics, that is. All I think I need to add to this group is some white and I may have the beginnings of a new project in mind.

What will it be? Perhaps a Dresden Plate variation? Something using some of the shapes in one of the Storm at Sea collections? Winding Ways? A two-tone Jane Austen quilt? The possibilities seem endless, but I know that doing something with these blues is definitely on the top of the list for a new project.

A grouping of blues or pinks always seems to motivate me to start something new and I do love two-tone quilts.

Baxter was very interested in something on the quilt rack. Mr. Q.O.’s caption?  “Let me just straighten out this seam here.”

11 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Blues

  1. It is a nice grouping of blues too! Funny that is one thing that I don’t have a lot of is blue. Baxter does look curious, but it looks like he is using the quilts as a scratching post.


  2. Nice blues, perhaps there will a new Inklingo pattern out in the very near future and you’ll have the fabric ready!
    That naughty little cat has a mind of his own! But then again, maybe he really is just straightening out the edges of the quilt…..


  3. that is the type of blue I like best. I don’t use blue a lot but I have an all blue quilt in my future for my color series.

    I love that kitty photo. He is just a little ball of fur!


  4. What lovely blues..the only kind to have! Baxter is such an fussy kitty, wanting to make sure everything is perfect! Little does he realize he need not worry since his mistress appears to sew perfect from the start!


  5. Oh my, what pretty blues – how much of each fabric is there? How gorgeous are they. Baxter, well……not sure what he has on his furry little mind, let’s hope it’s nothing evil!


  6. Pretty fabrics Cathi. At first, I was cheering for storm at sea, but the thought of you making Jane Austin is wonderful! Whatever you do, it will be unique and beautiful, as always. Baxter is so fluffy and pretty.


  7. That’s a nice collection of blues. I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with it.

    There’s a stormy seas COLLECTION? I’ve seen a block but nothing more. I may need to investigate 🙂


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