Fabric Inspiration

This group of fabrics has been out on my sewing table now for a few weeks. I’m contemplating making a small double wedding ring quilt using them. Or perhaps one of the orange peel variations. Or possibly another Dresden Plate variation. Or perhaps none of those. I won’t cut into these until I’m sure what I want to make so, for now, they stay on the sewing table where I see them often. Eventually I’ll be sure what I want to make.

This border print is really calling to me too. Again, I’m not sure what I want to make using it and the other two fabrics in this shot. So this group sits on the table as well, waiting for inspiration to strike.

The Summer Picnic Dish quilt is now at the point I have to decide which way I’m going. The options are a lap quilt or a bed runner. I’m tempted to make the bed runner as I know we’d use that. And we will definitely have enough lap quilts once I get all the tops already made quilted. Have you made a bed runner?

The more I think about the bed runner idea, the more I think I like it. While I’m still deciding, I’ll keep making the pieced arc/melon units and then, once the decision is made, I’ll be able to add them to what is already done fairly quickly. Along with finishing the pieced border for the Pickled Ladies and working on the batik sunflowers and the Tiffany Lamp and Monet NYB blocks. And, and, and — the list seems endless!

Today’s Baxtertoon was inspired by the photo of him below.

Which is entitled “Built-in Toy Basket.”

8 thoughts on “Fabric Inspiration

  1. Don’t you just hate all those wonderful decisions that you have to make? 🙂

    Baxter sure knows how to show who’s in charge of his tree! I love that leg hanging out there!


  2. What a wonderful group of fabrics! Gosh how I wish I could take you along on my
    fabric selection jaunts!!!! Can’t wait to see what the winning project is for that selection!!!


  3. Love this picture of Baxter~!~ and the baxtertoons too!~~
    can’t wait to see what you make with your fabrics, always fun to watch your quilts come to life .

    So good to be home. Hope you are well.


  4. your page is just beautiful!! I love the blue and white quilt among the red flowers..I’m sure you’ll make just the right choice for that gorgeous fabric…have fun.


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