A Few More Pickled Ladies

While working on the pieced border, I decided that more of the ladies needed to join the party. A few minutes of fussy cutting/printing and I had all I needed for the extra Pickled Ladies. First up is this pair.

The second pair of beauties to join the others.

And the third pair.

There will be a few more and then it will be full speed ahead on the borders. I’m getting excited about seeing this one done and am already thinking about quilting designs.

The evenings are getting cooler. So cool that for a fleeting moment last night I flirted with the idea of turning the heat on just for a few minutes. I quickly decided against it as it’s awfully early for that and it will warm up again later this week. But I think this means that it’s time to get working on quilting a quilt. Nothing could be nicer on a cool fall evening than having a quilt draped over me while quilting it.

Baxter decided he needed to make his version of a Pickled Lady or should that be a Pickled Kitty?

This is often what we see – Baxter’s tail just hanging down as he looks out the window at night.

Although sometimes he’s very interested in whatever Mr. Q.O. is doing on his computer and watches intently.

7 thoughts on “A Few More Pickled Ladies

  1. I’ve really enjoyed watching these blocks come to life Cathi. That Baxter has quite an imagination and I think he looks lovely as a Pickled Lady! 🙂
    It’s even pleasant here this morning. I have the back door open for a bit. You’ve had such a hard summer this year, that I know Fall is very welcome this year.


  2. I can’t wait to see that quilt finished, it will be spectacular!
    You really need to make a fussy cut pickled Baxter quilt, how cute that would be!


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