Pickled Ladies Completion

The centre of the Pickled Ladies top is completed, that is. There’s still more to come for this top. But now all the half pickled clams have been added  and so the centre of the quilt top is done and I’m so excited that I can barely stand it!

There are bits at the edges that will get dealt with when the first of the two borders is attached. One of the two borders involves quite a bit of piecing, although I have that almost halfway done now. As long as I manage to stay away from distractions – which I know is next to impossible – I should have the top completed within a month.

Pickled Ladies is definitely my favourite of all the ones I’ve made. I would never have made it were it not for the Inklingo 6″ Clamshell Pickle collection. I can’t even begin to imagine tracing all the little triangles in the arcs but being able to print them made it oh, so achievable and having the templates for the half clamshells really made it easier to choose fabrics for the half pickled clamshells than it may appear. Choosing the fabrics for each clamshell was such fun – lots of fussy cutting/printing which, with a  window template, was relatively easy. Making the arcs of the white and black tris went quickly, as it involved lots of continuous stitching. Adding the arcs to the clamshells was another favourite, curved piecing, and then putting the top together was nothing but lots and lots of curved piecing. So the centre of this top definitely had it all as far as I was concerned. Right now it’s approximately 42 x 48.

“Chillin’ ”

A rare moment was captured on the weekend. Baxter and Jake were almost touching as they guarded their favourite toys. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Playmates – for now.”

A Very Favourite Fabric

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Half Pickled Ladies on the Side

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Half Pickled Ladies

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Nothing but Black and White

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Auditioning Fabrics

That’s what I was doing yesterday – auditioning fabrics for the Pickled Ladies edges as the Pickled Ladies centre is almost together now. It will be larger than it appears in this photo as I decided to add more rows … Continue reading

A Few More Pickled Ladies

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A Trio of Pickled Ladies

The first of the next three that are joining the group. Every time I finish one, I think it’s my favourite and then I make the next and think it is and then … well, you get the picture.

The second of the trio.

And the third.

Another 15 to go and they will all be done and ready to add to the others. Then I’ll start with the half Pickled Ladies that will go along the edges and then the border(s). I’m still undecided about how many borders it’s going to have.

Baxter likes to “hide” beneath things. When he’s found, his eyes get so big!

The Pickled Ladies are Getting Together

Three rows of the Pickled Ladies are now together. After the first two rows were joined I thought perhaps this needed to be a larger quilt than originally planned. After the third row was added, I completely changed my mind. Because of the number of triangles in each arc and the fact I used some metallic Oriental prints to fussy cut, this is a heavy piece already. In fact, as it is now it’s heavier than the X’s and O’s quilt. Decision made. It’s going to be a large wall hanging.

Initially I was thinking about a rich blue floral print for the border, but now I’m wondering if I should try to find a real Art Deco type print in keeping with my initial idea about these ladies. I’m calling this the Pickled Ladies quilt as I have visions of some very elegant, almost Audrey Hepburn-like, ladies in an upscale Art Deco bar.

I have been fascinated by the Breakfast at Tiffany’s piece being put together at Plays with Needles. Seeing a favourite movie being depicted with such amazing detail in an embroidery piece is a pure delight, as is her entire blog and well worth a visit.

Baxter was looking somewhat startled, perched on the loveseat.