Nothing but Black and White

That’s what I’ve been working with – lots and lots of black and white.


First of all, some black and white units for the setting pieces of the Pickled Ladies. Everything is ready for fussy cutting/printing the setting half clamshells. Window templates made and freezer paper cut to size and ready. And a large stack of florals is waiting to audition with the window templates. Over the past months, every time I found a floral in my stash I threw it in a box so I’d be ready for this next step.


Then I had to have some fun with these fabulous black and white New York Beauty blocks. Oh, how I love making this 6″ block – lots of continuous stitching to make the unit with the spiky points and then loads of curved piecing. I used the Inklingo New York Beauty 3 collection for these blocks. Now I’m thinking a black and white quilt is in my future as I love the stark contrast and I adore two-colour quilts.

But for now, I’m going to try to stay pretty much focused on the Pickled Ladies. I’d love to get that top finally together.


Black and Whitewtmk

“Black and White”


Jake has turned his back on the barren scenery of the roof garden. Nothing to see but snow out there. We are all desperately hoping for some sign of spring approaching. The temperature getting warmer and the snow melting might be a nice start.


Baxter not only loves the track ball toy, but he adores that little giraffe toy. He plays with it, sleeps with his head on it sometimes and just generally makes sure it’s nearby.

7 thoughts on “Nothing but Black and White

  1. Oh Cathi…. Your doing it again!!! WoW! That will look stunning..
    I’ve loved black and white put together ever since I was a little girl and my Mom dressed me in black and white for Easter.
    Jake looks very comfortable
    ..and well Baxter looks as though he is wondering when Jake will get off his kitty tree… He remembers it was his first.. LOL! Have a good one. 😉


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