Surrounded Centres

A design idea for these fabulous kaleidoscope centres from the Colonial Garden collection has been slowly taking shape in my mind.


So what did I do? I started by turning three of those centres into squares. First one.


Then a second.


And a third. I will be finishing them all like this.

I was wanting to play with an alternate idea for setting the centres of the Colonial Garden blocks. And I knew just what I needed – a trapezoid shape. Thankfully, I had that trapezoid shape readily available to me in the Inklingo Periwinkle Octagon collection. So I quickly printed a few sheets of the trapezoid shape and started to play.

The rest of the design idea may take some time to show up on the blog as these blocks and more pieces for more of the blocks and the alternate block I’m planning may go into a project box while I try to stay focused on the sunflowers. (Please notice the word try in that sentence.) I really do want to get the next 52 printed and ready to stitch. And I’m working on the Pickled Ladies – I really do want to get that top done because I think it is going to be extra special with the border I’m piecing for it. I’ve still got to get a few of the pieces I need for the edges of the pickled clamshells printed too. Maybe this weekend.

And there’s another huge distraction coming. If you’ve looked at the Millefiori Quilts book on the QuiltMania website and shied away from  it when you did the currency conversion, now we can get Millefiori Quilts from the Inklingo website. I’m so intrigued by it – I love Willyne Hammerstein’s use of fabric and colours so can’t wait for the mailman to show up with my copy of the book. And there’s an Inklingo shape collection coming for the cover quilt, La Passacaglia. The five-pointed stars in that cover quilt have me very, very intrigued. I love five-pointed stars and know I’ll be playing with ideas.

Alien Cupcakeswtmk

“Alien Cupcakes.”


Jake was curled up in the pink chair.


Mostly because Baxter had taken possession of the basket. Which he had never used before Jake came to live here and Baxter saw Jake curled up in it. Now, even though it’s a tad – no, make that quite small for him, that’s where Baxter is. Mr. Q.O. labelled the photos of the two cats the “usurped” and the “usurper”.

13 thoughts on “Surrounded Centres

  1. Millefiori quilts are popular here, too! Jake and Baxter have the right idea for snowy weather, they would probably sleep until spring if they didn’t need food sometimes. Hmmm…..wonder what alien cupcakes taste like?


  2. I tell’ya its soooooo nice to come here , relax and see what your doing after cleaning up after a dog. Ugh! Someone dumped a yellow lab off.
    That’s going to be beautiful with a pieced border!
    I love the square!!! Excellent
    Its time for a cup of coffee
    Have a great day Cathi, I’m looking forward to your next post already 😊


  3. Beautiful squares, and the cover quilt??? Wow, so many pieces, I can see a long term project coming up. And a basket for me, I’m not going to let anyone else come and sit there, even if it is a tiny bit too small. Love them both.


  4. the blocks are pretty. isn’t that just the way of cats? Spud sits on the ladder going up to the box on the cat stand which leads to jazzy’s food. He wants me to blieve he is guarding it, but I know better!!!!!


  5. I much prefer this setting. This will be a stunning quilt.
    Hehe, why am I not surprised that it took another kitty’s interest to make Baxter want the basket 🙂


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