More Centres for the New Project


The new project is impossible for me to resist.


Mostly because the kaleidoscope blocks get me.


Every single time.


I just can’t wait to sew them together to see what the block will look like.


And every single one is a lovely little surprise.


No matter how much I may think I know what they’re going to look like, I don’t.


Because until I take the last stitch and they’re sewn together I don’t know exactly what the final result will be.

And now I have seven more to add to the four I showed at the beginning of the week. And guess what? I’m going to print more of the shapes because I want to make more. Big surprise? No, I don’t think so! There’s something incredibly addictive about stitching any of the kaleidoscope blocks, although right now I’m very taken with these.

I wasn’t going to say one word about the weather. Other than it’s cold. And I’m sick of hearing about extreme cold alerts and feeling as though we’re never going to be able to go outdoors again without being bundled up so much that we all look like the Michelin Man. One of our friends is leaving Sunday morning for two weeks in St. Lucia. I think he has the timing down to a fine art as Sunday is supposed to be the coldest yet. I just hope his plane doesn’t get stuck forever on a runway while they try to de-ice it over and over and over.  Oh, wait — I wasn’t going to say one word about the weather, was I? It’s pretty much all anyone can talk about here.  Not a surprise, I suppose, given how wretchedly cold this weather is.

Happy Valentine's Daywtmk

“Happy Valentine’s Day”


Jake was investigating the toy situation.


While Baxter had possession of the kitty tree.

5 thoughts on “More Centres for the New Project

  1. Oh these are eye catching! I’m not to thrilled about the weather either. We had -25 with 40 mph winds… So do I need to say what the wind chil temp was…. Ugh!
    We went to hay the horses and the wind blew the hay right off the pitchfork O_O
    Any way quilting quilting quilting is where we want to be!!! You have such an artistic eye…. Wow.. 🙂


  2. And of course, when these are joined to a background fabric they will look different again, because their seam allowances will be gone! Inside sounds like a good place to be for humans and kitties. I can’t even begin to imagine how cold it must be.


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