Eight More Sunflowers

The cold may not be going away, or the snow, but I’m happily pretending it’s warm and there are sunflowers blooming outdoors.  Which they aren’t, of course.


But my fabric sunflowers sure are! First up is this one. I can just about imagine some nice warm summer breezes, looking at this one.


Then this one. Perhaps a nice spring day.


Then this. Dark skies and a summer thunderstorm.


The sun’s rays on a hot, hot day.


Hmm — this one has me stumped. Perhaps the grass in summer after too many hot days and not quite enough rain.


And this – just a joyous riot of fun in the summer.


Another hot day in the middle of the summer.


And this – for the beautiful blue skies with wispy white clouds in the summer. (I’m doing my level best to pretend it’s summer and totally ignore our forecast which is calling for yet another hideously cold weekend.)


Every single one of the 6-inch sunflowers began as a group of little shapes like this – I think if you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see the printed lines on the pieces. 51 pieces, to be exact, in each little sunflower. Pure enjoyment, every single step of the way. When it wasn’t continuous stitching, it was curved piecing. I think this block was meant for me – small pieces, continuous stitching and curved piecing.  I don’t know what more I could have asked for with these little beauties. And everything goes together so easily thanks to the perfect stitching lines and matching points – which make the curved piecing part of the sunflowers so simple – of the Inklingo 6″ Sunflower Collection.

There was a question on my blog post the other day asking what I meant when I said I would be printing more batiks and white fabrics. I think I forget that not everybody has been reading my blog for a while and so knows I use Inklingo for virtually everything I make. There are people who don’t know about Inklingo and that I use it as a tool to print my templates right on to the back of my fabrics for the sunflowers and everything else I make. It’s a great tool and one that’s so easy to use. Just iron fabric to freezer paper, run through an ordinary everyday inkjet printer – and perfect shapes every single time that are way more precise than anything I could trace, no matter how fine the marking tool.


And now the entire stack of 68 sunflowers. Waiting for me to get some more batiks and white fabrics printed with the shapes to do the remaining 42 or 52. I’m either going to set them 10 x 11 or 10 x 12.  The final size is still up in the air a bit, but it will be either 60 x 66 or 60 x 72. Or it could be, I suppose, 48 x 60 which would mean I just need to make 12 more sunflowers. No, wait! That’s out! I really enjoy making them and don’t want to have to stop that soon! So it will be either another 42 or 52 sunflowers to make. Phew! Glad that’s decided.

Promise of Springwtmk

“Promise of Spring.”


Jake showing he’s a true urban kitty, hanging out watching the lights in the high-rises around us.


Baxter has a favourite toy – a piece of felt around which is tied a shoe lace. He carts that thing all around the apartment with him. And in this photo you can just see the tip of the shoelace which he has firmly between his two front paws. No way anybody else is getting hold of that toy!

10 thoughts on “Eight More Sunflowers

  1. Love the way you breathe life into these With your descriptions. I love the blue clouds… All of them, really!

    What a beautiful quilt this is going to make!

    You are Amazing cathi!




  2. African safari?
    Well, I’m with you keeping on stitching!
    Look at that stack!!! Eek!!
    Speaking of kitties…. We have 9, and 9 month old Herman loves to lay on a stool and SPIN he is a crack up!!!
    We have a farm so we have indoor/ outdoor kitties… But 9 is enough!
    Almost ready to sandwich.😃


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