Nine Little Sunflowers

Before I got totally distracted with the Colonial Garden blocks, I was really making progress on the sunflowers. Here are nine of the ones that are finished – and there are more that are yet to be photographed. The box is getting very close to being empty.


I’m picking no favourites. I’m just happy to have cheerful sunflowers – at least they make me think of warmer temperatures! Although this one is probably my favourite of this group. Why? Because it’s pink.


A green sunflower.


An aqua one.


Hmm – another pink with some yellow. Maybe this is right up there as a favourite.


Then a yellow one.


This old gold one.


Then another one that’s up there on the favourite list. I knew it! I just can’t help but pick favourites.


Another one that’s tied for favourite of this group.


And the final one for this group.

I was debating whether I’d keep going and print some more batiks and white fabric with the shapes for more so that I can have the quilt the size I was originally envisioning. And when I mentioned it to a friend, she convinced me to just go for it. So over the next few weeks I’ll be picking out the batiks to use and printing more of the shapes for the sunflowers.

I remember when I printed everything for the first group. I had it down to an art getting these printed and ready to stitch. So there will be more of that going on shortly. And the box that is almost empty will be full again. But I am going to get it emptied first, just to have that satisfaction. Plus having the finished sunflowers will give me a good reference when I’m picking out other batiks as I don’t want to duplicate anything.

After stitching 68 of these sunflowers, I’ve discovered a piecing sequence that seems to work best for me and makes them really fast to stitch. There’s lots of continuous stitching and, of course, my favourite curved piecing. Each one of the little 6″ sunflowers has 51 pieces but it doesn’t seem like it’s that many when piecing them.

Playing in Snowwtmk

“What else do you do with all that snow?”

But inside they sleep. I think they’re like little bears who are hibernating until it’s warm and there’s something fun to watch out on the roof garden.


One snoozes in a chair.


And one in a kitty bed.

14 thoughts on “Nine Little Sunflowers

  1. Oooooo… I’m soooo excited to see this top put together! I love it! I’m stenciling a quilt top I put together in 2001!! I know.. Any way the material I used was hand painted batiks!! I’m a batik freak…LOL !
    I don’t know how you keep your fingers and hands nimble… I use original blue emu super strength oil. Its a natural pain killer as well. With out it…. Oh man I don’t know what I would do. Keep on bringing inspiration to your life and enjoy! I love being inspired with your Art! Here comes spring 🙂


  2. I think you need two categories now in order to pick your favorite blocks. First category will be the “PINK” blocks and then the other one will be “all the other blocks”. That way it will be much easier to pick your favorites.:)

    The cats are looking quite cozy.


  3. These batiks are so distinctive and my favorite. They have crisp detail and themes but still have the soft batik look. Very nice. As always, thank you for sharing Cathi!


  4. Yeech, you must be having some winter. Even the penguins have migrated from the South Pole to Toronto! When you have all those sunflowers made, they will melt the snow. Tummy tickles sent.


  5. I couldn’t pick a favourite from any of these sunflowers, they are all gorgeous…..even the pink ones! *smile* The aliens have the right enjoy, might as well have fun in the snow. Is there an alien equivalent to Wiarton Willie?


  6. What do you mean when you say you are printing more sunflowers? Or printing more batiks and whites for sunflowers. Can you explain please? Thank you in advance.

    Judy Struck in Michigan

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. Beautiful sunflowers. I like the multi batik best as it has more colours I have trouble deciding which is my favorite colour as well! Kitties do find a good place to sleep, the boys look tuckered out. My Jazz (the tonkinese) only manages to fill 1/2 of the sme cat bed Baxter has, he is a big beautiful boy,


  8. The ferns make Me Think of summers here in the smokeys. As I walk the trails, they are everywhere! You won’t believe it, still green in places now! Yes! Micro climate here… In teens tonight with windchill of 0. Nothing like your winter though!




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