Fussy Cutting/Printing Equals a New Project

I thought I could stop with having made just one of the Colonial Garden blocks, and had great plans to turn that block into the cover of a stitching book. But as I had fussy cut/printed the kites used for the centre, and there were 11 more of those centres to be made, I couldn’t resist. Because the fussy cutting/printing turns out some amazing blocks.


The centre of that first block is a little more subtle at showing the results of the fussy cutting/printing.


This one shows it more.


As does this.


And this.


And this. And there are more to come. I’m hand piecing them just because it’s so much fun watching them come together in my hands.


All from this fabric that has been in my stash for what seems like next to forever. It has a perfect 12″ repeat and I had just enough yardage to get eight repeats out of it for the kites used in the blocks. I’ve auditioned this fabric for fussy cutting/printing many times but nothing has worked as well as this shape did.

And now I’m going to be playing with some setting ideas for them. It’s going to be a wallhanging or table topper. As much as I wanted to stay on track making the sunflowers, there’s no way I could resist the shapes I had already printed. It’s always a fun surprise when they’re finally sewn together.

I don’t seem to be able to resist anything that involves fussy cutting/printing. It’s so easy with Inklingo. No fuss, no waste. Just quickly print eight identical sheets and then it’s play time. It certainly makes me look at fabric in a totally different way.

It has been cold and snowing and just more and more winter. And it seems like a long one this year … again. Whatever happened to a January thaw? We used to almost always get those. Not this year. Not last year. Would it be too much to ask for a February thaw? Or an early spring?

spring trainingwtmk

“Ready for Spring Training”


Jake finds cozy spots and companions for his naps.


While Baxter keeps his eye on everything that might be happening.

13 thoughts on “Fussy Cutting/Printing Equals a New Project

  1. Praise God for a January thaw… I totally concur !! We were very blessed to have one this year. If this helps…. The ground hog says only 6 more weeks of winter. 🙂
    This one is soooo pretty… Oh my we are getting into the swing of things aren’t we..😊 And silly me thought I had time to catch up. 😉


  2. Good morning Kathi….I am captivated by today’s post and the uniqueness of what the fussy cutting accomplishes. Will there be a tutorial forthcoming on how you did this? I would love to be able to do something like this with similar fabrics I have in my stash that have languished far too many years on my shelves. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. I love watching your fussy cutting. I have no desire to do it but enjoy it through your quilts.

    I’m all for a Feb. thaw too. We got just enough above freezing hours to melt off the driveway and streets. Now I would like to get to the back yard and fill the bird feeders but the snow is still too deep.


  4. Hi Cathi, those squares are really lovely. Hang in there with the winter weather. It has been warmer than usual this winter here. I actually saw daffodils yesterday!


  5. YOU temptress YOU! I have things to get done this week that DO NOT involve a needle and thread. :{{{
    Our winter has been very mild, and I even heard some birds singing when I let my furball out for his first jaunt of the morning.


  6. Those are amazing. I wouldn’t glance twice at this fabric if I saw it in a shop, but when I see how it can be transformed like this, it makes me think I have to stretch myself more and imagine the possibilities


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