Colonial Garden

The roof garden on a much warmer day is where I would so much like to be, but that’s not about to happen. We’ve had snow and more cold temperatures.


So when the Inklingo Colonial Garden collection came out on the weekend, I was thrilled – a block called anything “Garden” sounded appealing to me.  And this block is wonderful – so much opportunity for fussy cutting. I’d love to do another in which all the octagons were fussy cut.

For this one, I printed a sheet of the kite shapes on paper so I would have a window template. Then I started auditioning fabrics to use for the kites that make up the centre star. I picked out that fabric in next to no time, but then? Then I kept choosing different fabrics and not being happy with my choices. I must have had four or five different combinations that I looked at before I finally made the choice. Never before have I taken so long to pick out fabrics for a block!


Once the choices were finally made, I had the pieces printed in no time and finally started piecing the block.

The pieces are big and the block finishes at 15.4″ – another huge, huge block for me. And it would have been easy to stitch by machine, but I’ve been spending so much time at the computer lately that sitting at another machine wasn’t appealing in the least. So mine is totally hand pieced. But if I make another 11, which I’m thinking I will, most of them will be done by machine.


It pressed like a dream. Everything just falls into place. I really enjoyed piecing this one. Lots of continuous stitching opportunities for hand piecing. I made it in sections – the centre star and then four units of four octagons surrounding a square. Then the three kites with half kites on either end of the three-kite unit. And finally the one kite with a half kite on either side. And then lots of fun stitching to finish it off.

So I was able to spend lots of hours thinking of warmer garden weather while I stitched it and totally forgetting about the snow and cold temperatures.

Zumba Classwtmk

“Zumba Class.” One of our neighbours goes to Zumba class, and she inspired Mr. Q.O.’s ‘toon offering today.


Jake is spending lots of time atop the kitty tree, just waiting for something to watch other than snowflakes flying by the window.


Baxter, on the other hand, is spending a lot of his time hanging out on this kitty toy.

11 thoughts on “Colonial Garden

  1. A very beautiful block indeed, Cathi. I love your fabric choices and, as you say, see endless possibilities in fussy cutting, etc. I see you keep getting lots of snow n cold! It should not be too much longer now… Spring will be here. Hang on! Winter Has to seem endless for you.

    Cute toon! Lol Not sure I have the energy for Zumba, but sure seems like fun. I am taking yoga lessons soon. Stretching seems appealing for me right now. I still walk some, but need to get back into my routine when the weather is nice again.

    Beautiful kitties!




  2. At first look, I wasn’t so sure about your fabric choices. But then, I clicked on the photo for a closer look, and now I think it would be very interesting when sewn with other blocks because of the secondary designs. Very cool!


  3. Jake looks pretty comfy… It must be nice not to have a worry in the world 🙂
    This is a very different block… I’m intrigued. Spring IS right around the corner…. Its time. 😉


  4. I can’t believe you already have one Colonial Garden done. Name one of those “slug” cat toys for me. And, tummy scratches to the furkins.


  5. Interesting blocks. And yes, huge. I like the fabric you picked.
    Yep, that’s exactly why I don’t like to sew by machine. All day on the computer does not endear me to spending evenings or weekends in a similar position


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