Lots of Sunflowers

Getting that sunflower project box empty seems to be my priority right now, so lots and lots of sunflowers have been made. Here are 7 of the most recent, in no particular order. I’ve absolutely given up picking favourites. I think.


A pretty blue one.


A yellow one.


A brown one. And this one surprised me. When I started stitching it, I thought I wouldn’t like the finished sunflower but I do.


This one may be my favourite of this group. See? I knew I couldn’t resist picking out favourites.


Another blue one.


The final one for today.


The stack of currently finished and pressed 51 sunflowers, which is rather fitting given that each 6″ sunflower block has 51 pieces in it. And there is absolutely not a chance I’d be making these were it not for Inklingo . I can’t even begin to imagine tracing all those tiny triangle and diamond templates, let alone how imprecise they’d be in comparison to the perfect lines and matching points that Inklingo prints on the fabrics.

There are more that are sewn together, but just not had their final pressing yet. I finger press as I stitch, so it really only takes a minute or two to give each one its final press. I’ve done a count and think I’m going to have 72 sunflowers when all those that were in the project box are finally all pieced. So I’m now wondering about a setting of 8 x 9 sunflowers with some sashing. Maybe. I’m not deciding anything yet.

Buddy's Sushiwtmk

“Buddy’s Sushi Bar”


While they are friendly, there’s a limit to how friendly. This picture made me laugh. Mr. Q.O. said it made him think of them sitting at opposite ends of a very long formal dining table, the likes of which one might see at Downton Abbey.

15 thoughts on “Lots of Sunflowers

  1. They’re all favorites so it will be a favorite quilt when you have it done!
    I love Buddy’s Sushi bar!
    Each kitty needs his own boundaries! You don’t want someone sneaking up on you while you’re napping..


  2. Cathi, I have been so lost in Babyland here in SF that I have barely come up for air…but your as-usual, ever-inspiring blog made me reach over and pick up my tumbling blocks this morning, and it feels so good! Thanks!! 🙂


  3. I was wondering how you were thinking of setting the sunflowers. Are you sure 72 is enough in your sunflower patch? Those two fur children! Makes me think of my bro and I in the back seat. You and Mr. QO must have recliners if the guys have the sofa all staked out.


  4. lovely blocks, you amaze me at the number you stitch out, and that stack, a super photo, I would find it hard to pick a favourite, as I like purples, blues and greens, but the brown one is stunning, the variegated fabric makes it stand out. And what with the two guys together, this is progress, even on either sides, with a cushion for privacy/security/ comfort in-between.


  5. We have a picture of our cats sleeping at opposite ends of a sofa too…….perhaps they each like an end and neither wants to be in the middle! What a gorgeous bunch of sunflowers – that is going to be a fabulous quilt.


  6. You’ve made a lot of these blocks ! They keep getting prettier! Reminds me of France with the blues and reds And Yellows .

    The kitty toon is cute and the photo cracks me up! Lol




    • Sunflowers make me smile. And you Cathi inspire me to keep on quilting. I can’t wait to see this one finished, its going to be gorgeous! When the sunflowers have gone away for the year, You will have a very special quilt to remind you that those sunflowers will be back but until then you can smile at your own beautiful sunflower quilt.


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