Five More Sunflowers


There have been many sunflowers put together over the past few weeks. These are five of the latest ones. Of course a pink one leads off. This has to be one of my favourites of them all.


Then a green leafy one.


And a red one, which is also right up there on the favourites list.


A sunflower full of blue bubbles.


And this wonderful orange one.

There are quite a few more yet to be photographed. And now there are only 16 left to stitch of the ones that had been prepped to work on and which once filled the project box to almost overflowing. And once those 16 are all done, photographs will be taken, the temporary design wall will be put up and all the sunflowers currently made will be put up. Then the big decision – whether to keep going and make the full 120 I originally planned or go for a smaller quilt with perhaps an interesting pieced border.

Of course, I’m leaning towards the 120 sunflowers and, to that end, have got out some white on white fabric to use. I may just start printing the white triangles for more sunflowers soon. Because one thing’s for sure – even if this particular batik sunflowers quilt isn’t the full 120 blocks, I will be printing the shapes for other sunflowers and making more. Why? Because I love making them. There is so much I love about these – loads of continuous stitching and then some fun curved piecing.

Greener Pastureswtmk

“Greener Pastures”


Jake finds himself nice warm spots for a snooze on these bitterly cold winter days.


But, even though it’s been horribly cold, Baxter has been spending time on the windowsill waiting for spring and the birds and squirrels to come back to entertain him.

13 thoughts on “Five More Sunflowers

  1. Very nice! They are all lovely! What size is the finished block? Do you applique it to the square background? They all look so well-finished.


  2. Love these. I always love seeing your batiks. Makes me want to come for a visit and see all the different ones you have 🙂
    So if you stop after the last ones are done, how many of the original 120 would you have?
    Beautiful pics of the boys. That one of Jake especially makes me want to give him a cuddle


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