A Batik Sunflower and the Book of Lists


It may be cold and there may be snow on the ground, but this mostly pink sunflower makes me think of summer weather.

I’m now trying to stay focused on just the sunflowers for a while. Perhaps I won’t make the batik sunflower quilt as large as I originally anticipated. I’m just playing it by ear.


Why may I be changing my mind on the size of the sunflower quilt? Because of this. The book of lists. It has page after page of lists. Lists of tops finished, waiting to be quilted. Lists of tops just requiring a little work to call them finished and ready to quilt. Lists of projects begun in varying stages of completion. Lists of specific quilt projects for which fabric has been set aside. Lists of boxes full of shapes that are printed and cut out, just waiting for inspiration. Lists of orphan blocks. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I’m hoping to make this a year of finishing projects, repurposing projects, changing sizes of projects.

The orphan blocks will be easy to deal with – I think. Some of them are the perfect size to be turned into stitching books and that is what is going to happen. I have one huge stitching book, but I’d like a smaller one or two.

I’m already laughing at myself as I have three new quilts planned. I’ve spent time playing with designs in EQ (have I mentioned just how much I love having EQ for Mac – it is fabulous!), I’ve figured out what custom size pages of the various Inklingo collections I’ll be using to print the different shapes for them all, have fabrics picked out and set aside for them and am just itching to start. One is a Christmas quilt. One will be a baby quilt – just to have one made and ready to gift. The third is going to be very shabby chic and have lots of curved piecing.

We’re in for a bit of a cold snap, they say. And it was snowing last night when I was writing this post. But we have had some pretty mild weather up until now, so I’m hoping this cold snap is just a short one and we go back to our milder winter weather.

Sunflower Citywtmk

“Sunflower City”


The boys after a turkey treat just after Christmas.

10 thoughts on “A Batik Sunflower and the Book of Lists

  1. Happy New Year Cathi. I like your Book of Lists. It is quite a comprehensive one. I am thinking I may have something similar from years back but nowhere near as organised or many finishes ticked off. Hopefully you will tackle it much better than I do mine but here is to a year of finishes and great satisfaction.


  2. Love that block, a book of lists, I’m way too scared to do that, a green snowman!!! and beautiful gentle pink, your sunflowers are always delicate, and pink is perfect for a snow day. Hugs, Jean.p.s. Happy New Year.


  3. Love the idea for the book of lists, now I should have one for each craft… quilting, knitting…..Cathy it is great to see someone has a list of the doings. Love those paws as Baxter sleeps.


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