Another Trio of Pickled Ladies

Once again, a dark Pickled Lady.

A medium one.

And a light one. There is one more light one left to make. Then some batting gets taped to the wall so I can sort out the placement and work begins in earnest to get the Pickled Ladies top together. I’ll have to make some more half pickled ladies as well as more of the pieced border blocks, but I’m hopeful that I can have this top finished by sometime in October.

While I’ve got the temporary design wall up I’ll play with the placement of the Tiffany Lamp New York Beauty blocks. I have a feeling that I may have enough blocks for the first quilt in that series. I’m taking a page out of Wanda at Exuberant Color‘s book and making a series of smaller quilts rather than one large one. That way I can keep playing and add some different fabrics into the mix. More blocks are needed for the Monet New York Beauty quilt but the ones that are done will likely get some time up on the temporary design wall too. As will the Summer Picnic Dish while I decide whether to make it a lap quilt or bed runner.

The headache is gone and now that I’m just about finished with the Pickled Ladies blocks, I’m feeling really energized.

Seems Baxter wears a chef’s hat at times.

He really has a perfect view of everything that’s happening  from his perch on top of the kitty tree.

7 thoughts on “Another Trio of Pickled Ladies

  1. I bet you’re glad to see the last of that headache! You keep teasing with those Pickled Ladies – we’re all waiting to wee them laid out, you know. Baxter looks ready to jump out of his tree!


  2. Your pickled ladies are stunning! It’s great to hear your headache is gone. Baxter looks beautiful, as ever. Can’t wait to see more of your blocks. Stay well.


  3. Looks like Baxter like “our neck of the woods”!~ 🙂 I was just reading that the Okefenokee Swamp is having it’s Heritage Days come up. It’s a living history type museum where they show how the first settlers lived.
    i love your Pickled Ladies!~ You are soooo close! It is going to be beautiful!


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