Tiffany and Monet Blocks

While I had the temporary design wall up on the weekend, I decided to see how the Tiffany Lamp blocks looked. Clearly I need to make more, probably another 7 of them.

I was surprised that there are so few of the Monet blocks done. I thought there were more. For this one I think I need at least another  15 or 16 blocks. There are a few blocks already made that don’t quite fit in with this or the Tiffany Lamp group, so blocks for a third New York Beauty quilt are already started.

I tried setting the blocks in a different formation than on point, but they didn’t look as nice in any other setting I tried. I think that may be because I have used all three of the Inklingo New York Beauty variations. And that makes me think there may be a fourth New York Beauty quilt in my future in which I will use just one of the variations and then play with different settings. I may end up setting the Tiffany Lamp and Monet quilts on point with 6″ plain squares, which would leave some room for some interesting quilting. I’ll decide once I get more of the blocks made for both.

Over the next week or two, I’ll go through all the New York Beauty pieces that are already printed and cut out in this box and sort them into groups for either the Monet, Tiffany Lamp or third and fourth, as yet unnamed, New York Beauty tops. Then there are also all the printed, but yet to be cut out shapes for yet more of the New York Beauty blocks that will be added to the mix in the box along with some yet to be printed ones. Those yet to be printed on fabric will almost all go to the Monet blocks.

Now that I’ve seen them laid out, I have a good idea what will work as additional blocks for both the Monet and Tiffany Lamp quilts which will make it easier when sorting through the shapes printed and fabric yet to be printed.

The weekend was perfect early fall weather. Sunny mild days, although it does get a bit chilly once the sun goes down. We spent some time out on the roof garden on Sunday and it was glorious.

Baxter has customers for his end-of-season sale.

I was sorting through various blocks and small quilt tops and, at one point, had some of them piled up on top of the couch. Baxter couldn’t resist investigating.  Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “The Fabric King.”

9 thoughts on “Tiffany and Monet Blocks

  1. Baxter reminds me of the little girl sitting on top of all of those quilts… Was it The Princess and the Pea?!?!? Except. yes. “King”.
    Love the art behind him too!

    Cathi, these blocks are just STUNNING! What a show stopper your work is. You are going to have to put them all into a show and book one day.
    They are appropriately named. Truly like looking at a Tiffany lamp. Beautiful.


  2. Baxter looks as though he is waiting for you to turn your back so he can make a bed on those quilts! Your blocks are really gorgeous, so vibrant…..we’re all waiting now for the finished tops. Not wanting to put pressure on you or anything…….


  3. You stated that you thought you had more of those blocks of the one group, did you by chance check the kitty tree, under the toys, hidden beneath all of the things that Baxter collects? You never know! 🙂

    Baxter is so industrious, out there selling ice cream until the leaves start to fall! Are the raccoons also waiting in line for treats? They are coming in droves around our house at night.


  4. Those blocks, well, stunning, and the second photo all my very fav. colours. A lot of work, and maybe there are more hidden away, has Baxter had a garage sale??? He would have certainly charged so much , and put it all away for more fabric!!!Greetings from Jean.


  5. Your Tiffany and Monet quilts are just going to be spectacular! You really have captured the colors and design aesthetic of both artists in your New York Beauty blocks. Love the photo of Baxter and the quilts. Looks like you have a great inventory control cat.


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