Batik Sunflowers Together

When I had the batt taped to the wall as a temporary design wall, I put up all 8 of the finished batik 6″ sunflower blocks. The centre pale yellow one may need to be set aside for a small quilt of pale sunflowers. Or perhaps I’ll do more pale ones and make them the centre of the little quilt.

The darker more vibrant ones on their own.

Some of the other batiks I’ve picked out for more sunflowers. I’ll start printing on these fabrics sometime in the next week or so. There are some other pale ones that  I’ll add to the group. Why? Mostly because I’m leaning towards doing some sort of colour-wash effect with the pale ones in the centre of the quilt.

These are waiting to be stitched. There are another 6 or 7 that are printed but not yet cut out that will be added to this box. The batik sunflower quilt will be a long-term project as new ones will be added when I find other batiks.

I think Baxter’s rushing things. I’m not ready for the leaves to fall. Monday was another gorgeous late summer/early fall day with brilliant sunshine and mild temperatures. So I think he’s going to have quite a wait yet for those leaves to be flying by the window.

He was investigating what toys were in the lower tier of his kitty tree. We have a new game. I toss the toys up to him when he’s sitting on the top level of his cat tree and he promptly bats them right back at me.

10 thoughts on “Batik Sunflowers Together

  1. All those sunflowers are lovely! You could use the pale one if there were more light blocks in the quilt, one on its own looks a wee bit lonely. Don’t worry, Baxter, the leaves will start flying before you know it!


  2. I really LOVE those briliant sunflowers! I think two different quilts is a good idea.
    Baxter won’t have to wait too long, the leaves are dropping around here already and the temps dropped to the 30’s last night, Hope it gets back in the 70’s and stays there until Christmas! LOL!


  3. The sunflower blocks are beautiful!!! I would love to make a sunflower quilt…..think I would use the lighter ones in one corner and progress down the quilt with more color. Guess I should add it to the list of must do Cathi inspired quilts. Enjoy your fall days.


  4. Yes, I agree the pale yellow one does not fit in the best, I do like the darker shades together. A colourwash design would use all those other ones, and make a stunning design. and yes Baxter, leaves will fall very soon.Greetings from Jean


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