Say It With Flowers Blog Hop

It’s the first day of the Say It With Flowers blog hop and I think we’re in for some real treats to see! Thank you to Madame Samm for hosting yet another great blog hop and to Carol, our cheerleader … Continue reading

Batik Sunflower No. 3

Couldn’t resist and did one more. Mr. Q.O. calls this one the Creamsicle sunflower. Seams graded and block pressed. So far it seems I’m sticking mostly with sunflower colours. That’s about to change as I have the pieces printed on … Continue reading

Red and White Again

One more of the red and white blocks was finished late last week for a grand total of four so far.  I was going to set them with plain white 6″ squares in between, but now that I see them side by side I rather like the effect.  A lot more blocks need to be made before I make that decision.

I couldn’t resist making a red and white 6″ sunflower block.  This is definitely a favourite block to make for me.  Putting the ring of diamonds and triangles together takes no time thanks to continuous stitching.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll end up with sunflowers as the alternate block for the other blocks.

The back of the little sunflower.

A close-up of Smudge relaxing on the couch Wednesday evening.

Spectacular Sunflower, Day 3

My first sunflower block turned out as wonderfully as I had hoped.  I used shapes from both the 6-inch and 12-inch collections so that I could make the double sunflower.

While I was stitching, I was taking pictures of the continuous stitching sequence that I’m using but unfortunately none of them turned out well enough to post.   I’m going to make a second block and Mr. Q.O. will take over the photography duties so that the photos are clear.  I will post them either on the weekend or on Monday.

It presses like a dream and the block lies wonderfully flat.

The block finishes at 12″.  I’m going to make one more block using these fabrics and then play around with some border ideas using shapes from the collections.  And then?  Well, then I’m going to make a sunflower variation using perhaps some batiks or maybe I’ll make a red and white quilt.  The possibilities are endless.  I’m glad I decided to make these blocks first as it has made it easier to sort out think about the design I’ll use for a larger quilt.

Two kitty close-ups .  First Lester.

Then Smudge.

Spectacular Sunflower, Day 2

While I had hoped to get the first sunflower completed Wednesday night, we were out for a while at a friend’s and there just wasn’t enough time.  Stitching these shapes is an absolute delight!  They go together quite easily, without any issues.  Normally, I’d join the two rounds of diamonds and triangles together before adding them to the fussy cut centre.  The second round of diamonds and triangles is started, as shown.  I can’t wait to see it finished.  The fabric I’m using for the background is going to, I think, really frame the sunflower rather fabulously.

This is how the centre looks with just the one row of diamonds and triangles added.  If I were going to make a 6″ block, all I’d be adding now would be background.  However, I’m adding the further round of triangles and diamonds and my block will finish at 12″.

The back, after pressing.

Lester was looking at something I was holding just above the camera while Mr. Q.O. took the photo.

Smudge had been at the water bowl shortly before this shot was taken.  As usual, he was putting his whole head into the water bowl and then catching the water as it dripped down his face. I think if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can still see some water droplets on his fur.

Spectacular Sunflowers

Two new collections were released yesterday for Sunflower — a 6 and a 12-inch version.  With the permission of Linda Franz, the inventor of Inklingo, I grabbed the above shot, which can be seen at the  Sunflower Gallery of Quilts — it’s just one of many options shown on that gallery and they’re well worth looking at.  These shapes really are exciting to me as the design possibilities with them are seemingly endless. I know I’ll be making more than one quilt using these shapes.

As soon as the collections were released and I had a few minutes to review the Sunflower Design Book , which is absolutely fabulous, I had my fabrics picked out and had printed the shapes for two blocks.  The design book is, for now, free and is well worth downloading as it’s absolutely stuffed full of great tips about techniques to stitch a sunflower.  If you click on the above picture to enlarge it, you can see the printed stitching and cutting lines and the matching points.

I started making the first of the two circles of diamonds and triangles and can’t wait to play with the design possibilities with other fabrics.  The diamonds in this circle are .74″.   Lots and lots of continuous stitching possibilities and, of course, curved piecing.  I couldn’t ask for anything more. The ideas are just flying through my mind!

It presses like a dream too — the back of what I’ve done so far.  It’s going to be so exciting to put the first block together that I can’t wait to finish it.

Smudge was not so impressed until I sat down on the couch and he could drape himself over my legs while I started to stitch.  Then he was happy.

Lester looks as though he was studying the design, watching as I stitched.