Batik Sunflower No. 3

Couldn’t resist and did one more. Mr. Q.O. calls this one the Creamsicle sunflower.

Seams graded and block pressed.

So far it seems I’m sticking mostly with sunflower colours. That’s about to change as I have the pieces printed on fabric and cut out for three more sunflowers, but none of them are orange or yellow.

We had to go out to the west end of the city yesterday for an appointment. On the way, this vehicle was beside us for a few minutes. I was so engrossed staring at it that I totally forgot about the camera. Thankfully, the driver of the vehicle pulled over and I had a chance to take a quick shot. I can’t help but wonder if the person who owns the vehicle is ever able to wash it with all those things glued on.

Then we saw this sign. It struck us both as funny so we took the same route back and Mr. Q.O. pulled over so we could take a photo.

One of the comments yesterday referred to Baxter addressing his public. As soon as Mr. Q.O. read that, he turned around with a gleam in his eye.  That comment inspired today’s Baxtertoon, “Julius Baxter”.

He is now spending a lot of time on the top tier of the cat tree. It seems to be his favourite spot at night. What he sees out the window at night is beyond me, but something out there has his attention most of the time.

7 thoughts on “Batik Sunflower No. 3

  1. You can rent an alligator for a party in TO? You lucky people…….I shall keep an eye out for that car when we visit. Love that sunflower block! Looks like that cat tree was a good buy, Baxter certainly gets your money’s worth out of it, doesn’t he?


  2. the block is so beautiful, I am glad to see you making more, in the beautiful batiks they are so different than they were in red and white…what a lovely quilt they will make!!


  3. I love the three sunflower blocks you’ve done. I’m not surprised they’re calling to you, especially over machine sewing.
    I really love the pics of Baxter in his cat tree. He looks so laid back and comfy, while at the same time like he’s surveying his kingdom 🙂
    As always, the baxtertoons are great


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