Spectacular Sunflower, Day 3

My first sunflower block turned out as wonderfully as I had hoped.  I used shapes from both the 6-inch and 12-inch collections so that I could make the double sunflower.

While I was stitching, I was taking pictures of the continuous stitching sequence that I’m using but unfortunately none of them turned out well enough to post.   I’m going to make a second block and Mr. Q.O. will take over the photography duties so that the photos are clear.  I will post them either on the weekend or on Monday.

It presses like a dream and the block lies wonderfully flat.

The block finishes at 12″.  I’m going to make one more block using these fabrics and then play around with some border ideas using shapes from the collections.  And then?  Well, then I’m going to make a sunflower variation using perhaps some batiks or maybe I’ll make a red and white quilt.  The possibilities are endless.  I’m glad I decided to make these blocks first as it has made it easier to sort out think about the design I’ll use for a larger quilt.

Two kitty close-ups .  First Lester.

Then Smudge.

19 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunflower, Day 3

  1. What fun close ups of the kitties!

    Listen, that block is a dream to see pieced. It makes a lot of sense to see it now that you’ve pieced it and taken the photos. I think I “get it” pretty much. I always enjoy seeing the back as that helps with conceptualizing the way to piece AND IT’S NEAT to look at.

    BTW, now I get it. I see why I want the 6″ and the 12″. The light bulb went off.


  2. I am surprised that it took so long!:) Just kidding, they are sooooo neat! I love that block set!

    Your little boys are so sweet, they must love the camera!


  3. I have been waiting to see this block finished. I knew it would be great, but it is even better than I imagined.
    I always look forward to what you post next. Thanks for sharing your projects and pictures.


  4. Just love those double sunflowers. I can see so many quilts using this collection. I told Linda it will be on my -one of these days- list.
    Thanks for the inspiration


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  6. One GORGEOUS block Cathi 🙂 Great pics of the kitties, what beautiful eyes they have, bunnyhugs to them both…. oh and Monkey and I think you ROCK!! ;)) Hugs Ellyx


  7. Bee-oo-ti-ful block, Cathi. OMGosh but you are quick to get this made up. You are an inspiration. Love that you share both sides of your blocks.
    What darling kitties! So cute. They look very camera-cooperative!


  8. OMGosh Cathi, it is a STUNNING block!! I LOVE the fabrics you used and that background fabric is so yummy!! Well Done!!



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