Red and White Blocks

After seeing so many pictures on various blogs of gorgeous red and white quilts from the exhibition in New York City over the past few days, the urge to start a red and white quilt proved irresistible.  I have a feeling I’ll be making more than one red and white quilt as I’ve identified a number of patterns that I’d love to make.  These blocks will be used in the quilt together with an alternate block.  They finish at 6″.  I was inspired by a photo of one of the quilts.  Using various Inklingo collections, I printed the HSTs and squares I needed for the block and was stitching in no time.  And yes, I’m hand piecing them.

The back of one of my blocks.

I saw this video on YouTube on Sunday and was absolutely entranced.  I cannot imagine what it must have been like to actually see all the beautiful quilts in person.

Pat Sloan has put together a list, which can be seen here, of blogs and Flickr pools with photos of the quilts from the exhibition.

Lester has taken a bit of a turn for the worse.  We’re trying syringe feeding for a couple of days to see if that helps.  We got this picture of him last Thursday.

Smudge is back to being super finicky about food.  We picked up a variety of different types from the vet’s office last week and so far he seems to like most of them.  This photo was taken after he polished off another bowl of food on Sunday and was settling in for a nap.

9 thoughts on “Red and White Blocks

  1. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the red and white quilt! Thanks for sharing the link to Pat’s page. Now I can feel like I have been there myself.


  2. Red and white quilts are so spectacular and yours will fit in that category. Did you notice the red and white quilt that looks like your ferris wheels? Wow, that was a nice one!
    I hope Lester gets back to feeling better. Stay warm, back to cold here today!


  3. Those red & white quilts are so wonderful. I don’t think I could ever make a two color one though.

    I’m sorry Lester isn’t feeling well. I hope he gets better soon!!



  4. Would you look at how nice and flat and pretty and stunning those blocks look! Scrumptious!!! I look forward to seeing more. There’s nothing like stacks of blocks. 🙂 Sara is so right – that one quilt that sorta looks like Ferris Wheels is almost as neat <:) as yours. Hoping for whatever is best for Lester. Hugs, *karendianne.


  5. Sorry to hear Lester is not well, please give him a gentle hug from me. Smudge looks very contented! Love the red and white blocks, I am making a two colour quilt but mine is green and cream – I’m a green person.


  6. Nice blocks, Cathi! I am going to make a red and white quilt this year too. I so wish I could have been to that once in a lifetime display of quilts. I am enjoying looking at all of the photos in blogland though as many bloggers were able to attend.

    I just lost our little dog a week ago and it’s broken my heart. I really wish for your Lester to get better soon. Our little friends are such a huge part of our lives that it’s upsetting when they are sick. Hang in there little Lester.

    Have a blessed week.



  7. Lovely blocks! Red and white certainly make a lovely statement! So, so sorry to hear Lester is feeling “poorly”…had hoped you might be out of wood for a bit with pet concerns! Big hugs to the kitties and especially to you and Mr. O as you watch over their care!


  8. Get Well wishes and warm hugs to Lester from Rusty, Ginger and myself. I know how hard it is to watch a good friend suffer through sickness. Hugs to you, too.


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