Blue Sunflower


While I’ve been doing a lot of cutting of the shapes for more batik sunflowers, I really didn’t get much stitching done on the weekend. I did finish this blue sunflower.


Seams graded and little block pressed.

We have had typically odd spring weather. It was very hot and humid Thursday and Friday. Saturday was warm. Yesterday it got cool enough that we had the heat turned back on after dinner. And with these weather ups and downs I’ve had a migraine that just did not want to quit. Which is why I spent more time cutting out shapes than stitching. The gardeners still haven’t planted any flowers in the roof garden flowerbeds and, seeing our forecast for this week, I think I know why. We are going to have some pretty cool nights.




Baxter on “his” quilt. He was very busy earlier in the day Sunday as a number of birds were flitting about on the branches of the tree directly outside the living room window and he could not take his eyes off the activity.

8 thoughts on “Blue Sunflower

  1. Love this blue. I can easily imagine a quilt made out of just the two fabrics used in this sunflower. So, guess that makes this my favourite of the batik sunflowers so far πŸ™‚


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