Little 9-Patch Blocks on Point


While I am working on getting all the pieces for the sunflowers cut out and ready to stitch, I haven’t been stitching much. But last night I felt like doing some simple stitching for a little while, so added the triangles to four of the 3″ 9-patch blocks which haven’t been worked on since last fall.

They’re a quick stitch by hand to add the triangles and turn them into 4.25″ blocks, so I may just work on these for a few nights while I continue cutting the shapes for the sunflowers. I know I’m going to love this quilt top when it’s finished, so I’m going to try to keep working on these more regularly.


It takes only a few seconds to grade the seams and the little blocks press perfectly.

The reason I’m cutting the sunflower shapes by hand? I printed my templates with the lightest ink colours that I could comfortably see … for hand piecing, that is. When it comes to rotary cutting them, the ink colours are a bit too light. But that’s okay. I don’t mind cutting the shapes for a few sunflowers each night. Once I get this batch of them cut, I will remember this for the next set I print and will choose ink colours based on how easy it will be to see the lines when rotary cutting rather than when hand piecing.




The cardinals and some sparrows out on the roof garden have been keeping Baxter entertained.

9 thoughts on “Little 9-Patch Blocks on Point

  1. Has it been that long since you worked on those little blocks? Well, well……doesn’t seem like it, that’s for sure. Baxter, does that make you a twitcher?


  2. O what cheerful little blocks. I’m new to your blog so this may be a dumb question but why do you hand piece the 9 patches? The pressing on the back side is amazing.


  3. I too love these blocks, I drew and colored a copy of your on point lay out and have it in my idea notebook. I even bought the jewel tone batik fabrics over a year ago. You always inspire me, thank you.


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