Another Pieced Hexagon

Last night, after cutting the shapes for a few more sunflowers, I decided it was time to make another pieced hexagon.


This is a rather large hexagon for me – it’s a 3″ hexagon composed of 30 pieces, all from one 60-degree diamond collection – triangles, half triangles and half diamonds. I saw this one on one of the blog posts on pieced hexagons on the All About Inklingo blog and knew I had to make it. This is going to be a long-term project but I’m already thinking I may have to make a few more like this one. It’s a fun one to stitch and could look quite different depending on the placement of the pink batik.


It’s pressed but I haven’t quite finished grading the seams. However, that will only take a minute or two and then this one will be added to the other pieced hexagon I made. That one was a 2″ hexagon, this one a 3″ one and who knows what other sizes I’ll make. I think it will just make it even more fun when it comes time to put them all together.


Monday night I realized that I needed a larger box for the sunflower project. So off to the dollar store we went yesterday and found this box.


All the shapes that I’ve cut out for the batik sunflowers so far are in the box and I have loads of room left. Which is a very good thing as I’ve only got about a third of the ones I’ve printed cut out and I plan to print more.


“Kitty Dollar Store.” Baxter and his friends needed some pretty boxes in which to keep treats and toys and other kitty treasures!


As Baxter grows, we’re seeing more and more of the silver in his coat. And his ruff is definitely getting more pronounced.

8 thoughts on “Another Pieced Hexagon

  1. I love pieced hexagons – I started to make some for my Uncommon Common Bride quilt but got side tracked after making 6 – I need to get back to it one day


  2. Boxes everywhere in your household, I bet! I also think that once Baxter got in that Kitty Dollar store, he and his friends had to climb into each and every box to try it out!
    Great photo of the real Baxter!


  3. I just marvel that you hand piece those hexies as well. How small are the littlest pieces and how do you keep from stretching them out as you sew?


  4. I love the colour.
    Our cat Shadow seemed to get more silver in her coat as she got older. My husband
    says she’s a ‘silver back’ (like the gorilla) LOL


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