Eleven little sunflowers done. Actually, there are 14 that have been completed but 3 of those 14 were turned into mini quilts. I clearly can’t get enough of making these 6″ sunflower blocks. Seeing this picture has already convinced me I need to do a few more pale ones for the centre of the little quilt.

I’m learning that not all batiks are created alike. Some of them are a bit harder to needle than others. But they’re all worth the time and effort as I love the effect I’m getting with them in the sunflowers.

Very little stitching got done around here yesterday. But a fair number of the pieces for more batik sunflowers are now ready for stitching. I think once I’ve got all the pieces ready and waiting in the project box, it will be very easy to just stitch sunflower block after sunflower block. And that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.

Home From the Dollar Storewtmk

“Home From the Dollar Store.”


Baxter in one of his favourite spots, watching to see if there’s anything interesting happening in the kitchen.

10 thoughts on “Sunflowers

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  2. Love the sunflower collection you have here.
    I can get frustrated sometimes with a couple of evenings lost to tracing and cutting pieces, but I’ve found I love the speed at which I can construct blocks when I have a box full of pieces sitting next to me. So I can understand why you’re taking the time to fill your box of pieces


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