Pink Sunflower

Another sunflower is done to add to the little stack. Now there are 10 done.


This one is a rather hot pink. I can tell already that arranging the sunflowers when they’re done is going to be fun. Now that I’m stitching these again almost exclusively, I am finding them a bit faster to make. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll find that I can make an entire sunflower in an evening if I stay focused. But we all know what the chances of that are. In fact, I’m going to spend some time this weekend working on a pieced hexagon or two.


Seams graded and sunflower pressed.




Baxter and his current favourite toy. Not a toy we bought at the pet store. No, this one is just a piece of felt gathered up and tied with a shoelace. He will wander about the apartment with it in his mouth, meowing. And he often brings it to bed at night. There are many mornings we wake up to his shoelace toy on the bed.

8 thoughts on “Pink Sunflower

  1. Cathi, Beautiful Sunflower, I can’t wait to see the effect of all the blocks as you decide how they’ll fit together. That Baxter is so cute. I can see him tooling down the highway in his kittybago with Boo and Panda.


  2. MORE beauty! I wish I were so focused, but I’d never give up the fun of multiple obsessions, so guess I just have to live with it (and live vicariously online) 🙂
    Baxter’s toy looks remarkably mouselike; maybe that’s what attracts him so . . .


  3. Your block,is so yummy!!!!! In our house that toy would be called a lulu. I can’t remember who named it. Same behavior. Love the cartoon with the little frog.

    Headed to ireland tomorrow……yeah!


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