A Trio of Pickled Ladies

The first of the next three that are joining the group. Every time I finish one, I think it’s my favourite and then I make the next and think it is and then … well, you get the picture.

The second of the trio.

And the third.

Another 15 to go and they will all be done and ready to add to the others. Then I’ll start with the half Pickled Ladies that will go along the edges and then the border(s). I’m still undecided about how many borders it’s going to have.

Baxter likes to “hide” beneath things. When he’s found, his eyes get so big!

12 thoughts on “A Trio of Pickled Ladies

  1. It’s just like your quilts, every time you make one I think it’s my favorite and then you make another one and then that’s my favorite ( or favourite, if you’re in Canada :)).
    And the same goes along with the Inklingo patterns that come out! They are all such wonderful quilts and patterns!
    I think at some point Baxter will realize that he’s getting too big to hide in very many places, but I’m sure he’ll keep trying! 🙂


  2. More of my all time favorite that you’re making:) Misha’s eyes do the same thing too especially when he’s feeling frisky lol! Right now he’s sitting on the floor beside the computer chair holding onto my elbow while I type…He doesn’t like me to stop petting and start typing lol!


  3. I can totally see how each one is a favorite. They’re luscious. Of course, red being special and all… I have to say the first one is my personal favorite in the moment. …when I don’t scroll down.


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