Spring Winding Ways Blocks

I couldn’t resist and pieced two more of the Winding Ways blocks. Piecing a Winding Ways block is as irresistible and as much fun as piecing the Drunkard’s Path units. Lots of fabulous curved piecing that makes it seem like the blocks almost put themselves together.

These pieces are a third of the total number printed for the project. The rest still have to be cut out but that won’t take long.

The threads that will work with the hand-dyed fabrics are picked out and now I have another project in a box.

It was really cold here all weekend. We had a bit of snow on Friday but that will be mostly gone by the time today is over as it’s much milder and supposed to rain. This is the oddest winter as we seem to have one or two really cold days and then go back to the milder weather.

Baxter is 9 months old today. Hard to believe he has gone from this tiny kitten …

… to this so quickly and he’s not finished growing yet. He posed with the singing frog for his birthday photo shoot.

16 thoughts on “Spring Winding Ways Blocks

  1. Very pretty blocks there! Baxter was such a little tyke just not that long ago and now look at him! I don’t think he is so thrilled about that photo with the frog though……..


  2. Love the lovely soft colors. They remind me of a soft spring day walking through a park. And…happy 9-month birthday, Baxter. Thank you for making me smile or laugh out loud when I look at your pictures. You are becoming a very regal grownup kitty.


  3. Your fabric choices are perfect! Looks like a stained glass window!! Beautiful.
    Oh, look how Master Baxter has grown! Thanks for showing a photo like this. What fun! We seem him each day and it’s easy to forget how much he has grown. Such and elegant kitty.
    I was reading Kaaren’s post about the weather in N.S.~yes, very strange indeed.


  4. These do look deliciously like ice cream.
    I can hardly believe how Baxter has grown from that tiny cute bundle of fluff into such and elegant handsome kitty!
    The weather is odd. I keep having to change the layers of our bedding. One minute it’s too warm the next I’m piling on as much as I can.
    Bunnyhugs Ellyx


  5. Baxter is a very handsome Maine Coon. Cute as a button when he was young, it has been a delight to see him grow up. The winding ways block colours are lovely almost makes me want to do some myself.


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