Feathered Star Again

Another one done and three more to go. If I can buckle down and concentrate on stitching the three remaining blocks, I think I could have the centre of the quilt done within 9 to 10 days. Whether I can do that remains to be seen, but I’m going to try. Once the centre sunflower is done, it seems like the block is almost halfway done so today I shall try to get at least two of those centres done.

I love how easy it is to press this block. I graded the seams for two reasons. There are a lot of pieces in each block, so it really helps cut down on the weight and will make the quilt drape nicely. Secondly, I definitely don’t want the red shadowing through.

Yesterday afternoon the fog rolled in and the view out our window was quite eerie. I love how quiet it seems when there’s a thick fog.

Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “That’s the biggest bag of catnip I has ever seen!” Made me laugh the second I saw the picture.

11 thoughts on “Feathered Star Again

  1. I know you have the capability to get those last two done….but I also know how you get sidetracked and start working on other projects! Good luck! 🙂
    Baxter is so funny!


  2. I too have pulled my Feathered Star out to try and complete sooner rather than later!
    I think I might need to print one more set of pieces to finish the fourth star.
    Thanks for all your inspiring ideas and beautiful work!


  3. I love that block! Trees in the mist is wonderfully atmospheric, isn’t it? You could be way out in the country with not a building in sight. Yep, Baxter has been on the happy this morning!


  4. Simply Breathtakingly beautiful. Your work amazes me still.
    That photo is so wonderful and reminds me of the work of…. I can’t remember his name… it will come to me. In the 80’s, I use to love his work! I had many framed prints. All i can think is Robert Frost and of course that is not it! Lol But, I can’t think of it… I will! Captured the moment perfectly!
    HA!~ Happy Birthday Baxter! lol


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