Auditioning Fabrics


That’s what I was doing yesterday – auditioning fabrics for the Pickled Ladies edges as the Pickled Ladies centre is almost together now. It will be larger than it appears in this photo as I decided to add more rows after this photo was taken.


I made window templates to use when auditioning the fabrics by printing one of each shape on a piece of paper and cutting out on the stitching lines. I have a small stack of floral fabric scraps that I’m auditioning for the edges. As I find one that will work for an edge piece, I then iron it to a piece of freezer paper the same size as my window template and it’s ready to print.

After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to work on the Pickled Ladies quilt. I can’t wait to see the centre finished so I can start adding the pieced border. Then I’m going to decide whether to add a second plain border. I think this is going to take a few weeks to finish, but it will be another top finished to add to the stack of tops waiting to be quilted. Maybe once the truly cooler weather sets in I’ll be ready to spend some time quilting. Maybe.


We went for a walk yesterday afternoon. It didn’t feel like summer at all. The wind was quite cool. It was rather poor timing, I suppose, for the Bank of Montreal ice cream truck to be outside our building yesterday as they were giving away soft ice cream cones. By the looks of the forecast, by the end of the week it will have warmed up considerably. But cool breeze or not, the line-up of people waiting to get an ice cream cone was quite long.


This sight made us stop in our tracks. This little guy was on the back seat of a small motorcycle parked on the street. Made us both laugh.

it's from your planetwtmk

“Actually, It’s From Your Planet.” The little alien was persuading the kitties that the creature in the aquarium was from earth.

IMG_8487 copywtmk

Baxter was reclining on his kitty tree last night. It seems he had some company.

7 thoughts on “Auditioning Fabrics

  1. Pretty pickles, and that top won’t take much finishing now. The green motor bike is just the right colour for Baxter’s alien friend…… out for that little green man, Baxter!


  2. it will finally be cool here for about 4 days – by cool I mean in the high 70’s and mid 50’s at night – and low humidity which is best of all – a taste of fall – we need it the humidity has been terribly high the past two weeks. I will have to look and see if you have a tutorial for your pickle dish, I am interested in if it went together easily – I have seen it done numerous ways of course – not for me to make right now though


  3. I think the Pickled Ladies will be one of my favorites so I am so glad you are finishing that one up! It is gorgeous!
    Ok, now the alien is in your house and not in somebody’s mind???? He better what out or Baxter will think he’s a bug and will eat him.


  4. Oh Cathi, this quilt is beautiful. Yup, cooler weather is a great time to quilt.
    Baxter doesn’t seem to know he has company. 🙂 was the ice cream worth the time in line, or did you not participate in the cold indulgence?:)


  5. I just adore this pattern and really look forward to seeing you finish it. Wondered how you did the fussy cutting with the inklingo. I have a inklingo hexagon project in a box waiting it’s turn to be progressed. ( note I didn’t say finished!)


  6. Mr. Q.O. had me laughing with the little alien additions to Baxter’s photo. Just wait, you’ll have aliens on your quilt photos in no time LOL!.

    I just love your pickled ladies quilt; I think it’s one of my most favorites of the quilts you’ve been working on.


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