Half Pickled Ladies

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I blogged, but I have been busy sewing all this time. This post will be a bit short on words, but there are lots of pictures.

Part of the piecing has involved finally getting the Pickled Ladies top to the point I needed to choose fabrics for the edges so that I’d have a straight edge before I start attaching the borders.

So I began with window templates for the top and bottom pieces.

And window templates for the two sides.

Six and a half hours later, after auditioning floral fabrics with the window templates, marking the exact flower I wanted to isolate and cut around to size for the freezer paper and then actually cutting the fabric to print, I sat down to print all the pieces.

The top pieces were easy, just print and then cut. No piecing involved. They all have numbers pinned on them to identify where they are to go but, for the sake of these pictures, I removed the pinned notations.

Two are meant for the very top corners’ edge pieces so that I will have a straight edge and they’ll be cut down to achieve that straight edge once the top is ready to add border one.

Then it was time to add the pieced triangles to the bottom pieces which involved lots of continuous stitching and some curved piecing  – two of my very favourite things.

The first two.

The second two.

And the final two.

“Half Pickled Clams.”

Jake was a bit sleepy when we took this shot.

Baxter was showing off his mane.

And I will be back more often now. Next up will be the pieced side half Pickled Ladies.

17 thoughts on “Half Pickled Ladies

  1. I can’t believe the timing of your post. I am TRYING to piece the half pickled ladies and I am utterly lost. I have my clamshells and arcs for the center of the quilt made but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to piece them together. Will you show me how to do that?


    Sharon Snoddy


    • I posted on my blog back in December 2011 (egads, I can’t believe how long this has been a UFO!) showing the back where I was joining the pickled clamshells together. Here’s a link to that post:

      But the best resource is, I think, the pages in the Inklingo Clamshell Pickle collections on sewing the clamshell pickles and, in particular, how to press them – which is on page 28 of the collection. There are some fabulous photos of how to press them once they’re joined and those photos are also a great indicator, I think, of how to sew them together.

      Have you pieced a regular clamshell top at all? If so, piecing the finished clamshell pickle blocks together is really no different. You’re basically working with two rows at once to start and it’s just like the little tutorial I did on piecing clamshells, which you can find here:



  2. It’s great that you’re on the home stretch with this one! I love the toon! Has he published his book yet?? The the boys are looking cool ! Baxter always looks so serious. 🙂


    • I can’t believe how long Pickled Ladies has been a UFO! Ha – I keep telling Mr. Q.O. he needs to sign his ‘toons, so maybe I’ll start suggesting a book. Baxter really isn’t that serious – but he sure does love to pose for the camera.


  3. Hi Cathi, I love the floral fabric you’re using. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Nice to see your post this morning.


    • Hi, Liz. It has been far too long since I worked on this. Now I can’t wait to get it finished as I k now I’m going to love it once it’s done and I’ve attached the border I have planned for it.


    • No, you haven’t missed anything – Mr. Q.O. has no plans to do so, but I think it would be fabulous if he would do a book of ‘toons! Baxter and Jake always steal the show!


  4. This quilt is going to be spectacular! Can’t wait to see it all finished. And Mr. Q.O.’s toon is so funny! Made me laugh out loud. Cute! Give Baxter a late birthday hug from Pappy, Panda and Pebbles! Can’t believe I missed it…… I’m hopeless!


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