Pretty Fabrics

While I know I’ll probably add to and subtract from this group of fabrics, I like the look of these for something.  What exactly, I’m not sure, but they’re staying together when they’re put away.  There’s a wonderful paisley fabric in that group that I know will be great for some fussy cutting.

What have I been doing?  Not much to show at the moment as I’ve been making more of the cream hexagon frames for the POTC blocks, spent a bit of time sorting out just how large I’ll make the Summer Picnic Dish and then figured out what I still need to print in order to make it the size I’ve decided upon, decided on two borders for a quilt top that I haven’t shown yet, and spent a bit of time working through another EQ lesson — on Tuesday, that is.  Wednesday was a bit of a write-off.

While I’m going to print all the pieces I need for the Summer Picnic Dish, I’m going to concentrate on making the arc/melon combinations and then, once those are done, start putting the top together.  I”m going to have to use a few different white on white fabrics as I don’t have anywhere near enough of the one I started with but I’m not stressed about that.

While we aren’t getting the snow that New York got, I had a migraine that just wouldn’t quit on Wednesday from that storm.  Didn’t stop me from stitching, but sure stopped me from dealing with anything on the computer.

I’m not sure what Lester was looking at when this picture was taken.  Probably a kitty toy on the floor.

Smudge has been playing more with toys over the past couple of days and his appetite is definitely on the increase.  We’re still syringe feeding, and likely will be for at least another month, but I think there’s progress.

8 thoughts on “Pretty Fabrics

  1. These are beautiful fabrics 🙂 I hope you are feeling better from the horrid migraine yesterday. Thankfully our weather is spring like for the moment.
    Kitties looking beautiful as always, good to hear that Smudge is improving. Syringe feeding is so hard. But it’s good he’s taking it. Take care, hugs Elly


  2. Ohhhh those are pretty fabrics! 🙂 Good job “you” for doing another EQ lesson. Love pondering what Lester is honing in on and then there’s Smudge – being his cute self as usual. That photo looks like “all is well” and makes me smile.


  3. Nice group of fabrics! I’m sure you’ll come up with something wonderful to make!
    Kitties looking good! Stay warm and don’t go near the states, horrid weather up there.


  4. Ooooo love the fabric combination and paisley is one of the best patterns on the market IMHO :0) That Smudge sure can get comfortable LOL.



  5. That’s a pretty fabric combination. Sorry about the migraine, when they are weather related it’s difficult to cope. Smudge certainly looks as though he doesn’t have a care in the world!


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