Rainbow Flower

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In the February/March 2011 issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine, there’s an article on Mosaic Patchwork blocks and Rainbow Flower is one of the blocks featured.  With all the fabulous curves in this block, I think it’s irresistible — particularly as a new Inklingo collection for the Rainbow Flower was released on Thursday.

I’m calling this “Cranes Circling Flower at Dusk”.  It’s not quite finished as one more round will be added to it, if not more.  This one won’t be a large piece, but rather a smaller one with a pretty border which I’m already planning.

Within minutes of downloading the collection, I had prepared my window templates so I could fussy cut the two larger shapes.  Within a few minutes after that, I had the fabric cut and ready to print.  A few hours later, my block was done.

I was tempted to start another shabby chic quilt with this collection, and may well do that yet but the Oriental prints were what first grabbed my imagination.  Imagine this with novelty prints fussy cut for a child’s quilt!  Maybe some stripes for the connecting shapes.   Or a wonderful polka dot print or — the ideas just are flying through my mind!

The back:

When we take photos of quilt-related things, we generally put a board on the pink chair with a piece of grey fabric over it.  As I was getting things ready to take the photo of the Rainbow Flower, Smudge decided he wanted to lay down and have a snooze.  I literally turned my back for a second to get the block, turned around and there he was, already asleep.  We gently moved him and carried on.

Lester found himself a comfortable spot on the loveseat.

15 thoughts on “Rainbow Flower

  1. This is such a totally different block than you usually do… so unique! I love it! Curves are wonderful aren’t they? Cats are so funny they instinctively know when we are getting ready to do something and feel that they need to be involved somehow even if it is for a snooze.


  2. Wow – you are fast – when I downloaded the pattern yesterday I thought Cathi will probably have a block finished on her blog tomorrow morning – and voilá – I was right! It’s such a pretty block – lovely fabrics.

    I am waiting to see how you join them and especially how you are going to deal with the edges – I can’t see that there are any pieces that will fill in the uneven edges.


  3. I knew you would have show and tell this morning! Nice block!
    Cats are always wanting to “help” and be the center of attention in case you just might forget about them.


  4. I was so impatient with my pc this morning, waiting for it to power-up, as all I wanted to do was see what beauty you created. I love the way the cranes surround this piece. Oh Cathi, I really enjoy how you take the time to create these new pieces for us. I’m sorely tempted to toss everything aside and play, play, play.

    ps: Smudge is priceless!


  5. That’s a different take on mosaics…..haven’t seen it before, very interesting! Smudge knows that fabric was put down specially for him, At least Lester didn’t join him – it would have been a very crowded chair, if he had.


  6. The block is beautiful. I was already tempted to get this and may just before the weekend is out.
    Good to see smudge that connected with the world so he can pinch the MOST comfortable place to sleep so rapidly.


  7. Help please..
    I found a picture of a quilt with a nice block pattern in internet. Unfortunately, there was no title to or a label. Maybe there is somebody in blogland can help me? I would intressted the name and perhaps the history of the pattern.
    It was a wonderful two-color quilt in blue and white. I made a sketchy picture and put in my blog.
    I would be happy to answer a helping.
    greets from Berlin/Germany
    Kat 🙂


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