Rainbow Flower & January Clamshell Report

The Cranes Circling Flowers at Dusk, aka rainbow flower, is something I can’t resist stitching!  So much so that, when I couldn’t sleep because of a migraine, I was fussy cutting six more flowers and cranes from another fabric at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday.  I have everything cut and printed now for the rest of this piece and hope to have the main piecing finished by mid-week.  When it’s finished, we’re going to have to find a way to photograph it.  The light at this time of year makes for not great photographs.  I can’t wait until spring comes and the roof garden reopens!

When I pulled out the storage container with the Oriental prints and batiks to choose the fabrics in this, I also hauled out the container with striped and directional fabrics. I have a feeling fussy cutting some stripes for this block will be the next thing I play with, although I’m also very tempted to do something with shabby chic fabrics.

I don’t have much to show for the January clamshell report.  While I’ve made lots of the black and white arcs for the Pickled Ladies, I only put together two of the pickled clamshells.  To see the list of and links to participants in the Clamshell Club, go to Cybele’s Patch.

On the weekend, I got a lot of the cream hexagons for the POTC blocks stitched.  At this point, I only need to stitch together the ones needed for two more blocks and that part will be done.  So I feel like progress is being made.  We were taking trying to take a picture of a finished POTC block when Smudge decided he needed to help. You can just see a bit of the block that he’s lying on.

Lester was having a snooze.

11 thoughts on “Rainbow Flower & January Clamshell Report

  1. Good grief Cathi – do you ever sleep?? This is incredible – the pattern just came out and you’re about to finish piecing the top – you are AMAZING! It’s looking really lovely – can’t wait to see how you deal with the edges.


  2. Wonderful blocks! You are a pro at this!
    Cats don’t have to see a finished quilt out of fabric to know it will be a quilt so Smudge was just testing the block out to see if it will be one of his favorite sleeping spots.


  3. 2 more beautiful Pickled Ladies, and so much more in between!

    Your Rainbow Flower is coming along so well; I can definitely see potential for using different types of fabric with this pattern; shabby and stripes together might be very striking!


  4. Oh Cathi, the rainbow flowers are so beautiful. Looks like a wonderful project again.
    The pickled ladies look lovely and very tempting. I did not sew many shells and lost my challenge but I will finish the top this year.


  5. Your Rainbow Flower blocks remind me of something exotic that you would see in a coral reef – a weird and wonderful sea creature of some sort. Smudge is just being helpful, he doesn’t want your fabric to blow away in the wind!


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