Endlessly Stitching

… cream hexagons together, that is.  When we took this photo last night, I had 48 left to join.  By the time the evening was over, I had finished stitching them into sets of three.  So now it’s solely a matter of adding 24 of them around each of the remaining POTC blocks.  Getting the cream hexagons stitched was a big hurdle, and one that I could have avoided had I done them as I finished each block rather than left them all to the end.  Lesson learned!

We have an enormous winter storm heading toward us.  Light snow today but then tonight into Wednesday, a lot of snow and high winds.  I’ve been battling a migraine since late yesterday, so the cream hexagon stitching was the perfect thing to work on — just lots and lots of straight stitching, no thinking involved!

Lester decided to curl up and have a snooze.

Smudge in an impossibly cute pose with a teddy bear!

5 thoughts on “Endlessly Stitching

  1. OK – I am feeling quite guilty as this is what I should be doing too…it is a bit hot here so I am procrastinating! Its good to see you hard at it – I am looking forward to seeing how it all looks. 🙂


  2. Sometimes we have those hurdles in quilting, but if we don’t get past them the project then becomes a UFO. So glad you were able to get past the hurdle. We have that same storm happening right now. Just began around 4 this morning and is in effect until around 1:00 am Thursday. I so need a tropical vacation. Or at the very least to snuggle up like Lester and Smudge.


  3. I hope your storm isn’t as bad as predicted. We had 8″s over the weekend but blessedly no wind!! Now to get back over zero degrees :0)



  4. You will have so many projects done all at once that you will have to start another one! Great job!
    I’m just snowed in, windy, drifting snow, and freezing, even Harry the cat doesn’t want out.


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