Hexagon Frames

It took a while, but the cream hexagon frames for the POTC blocks are all ready to be attached to the 10 blocks that are not yet finished.  A little more printing of the setting pieces and I’ll have everything I need for the outer edges of the quilt top ready as well.

Now that I’ve got the frames made and ready to attach to the blocks, I’m really quite enthused about working on this quilt again.  Stitching cream hexagons to one another endlessly was a real stumbling block for me.  Now that this is done, I can almost imagine having the top finished by the spring.

As I type this at around midnight, the snow has just started to fall here although the wind hasn’t yet picked up.  They say by morning  we will have near blizzard conditions.  I’ve taken enough migraine medication to take the edge off, but it’s not gone yet.  I’m hoping once the storm is over, the headache will be gone.

Smudge spent much of Tuesday snoozing.

Lester seemed to be almost posing for the camera.

13 thoughts on “Hexagon Frames

  1. Now THAT’s a lot of continuous stitching. I have got to do mine – I have 24 blocks in a bag which I finished ages ago – like you I didn’t do it as I went along and now it has to be done all at once. You are inspiring me to start. Hope the storm passes quickly and you begin to feel better soon.


  2. Wishing you a quick passing of your migraine…and also the snowstorm! Don’t we hate that white stuff by this time of year??? Hugs…great stitching, especially when your head throbs!


  3. Thinking of you!
    I am so impressed with your prepping. I think this is going to be a wonderful quilt to put together. I hope your migraine is managed and the blizzard endurable.


  4. Glad you have found your enthusiasm again for this quilt. It’s one of the most gorgeous patterns I’ve ever seen. Seems you’ve gotten Carol S inspired again, too. Heck I might have to start one. She has been really wanting to get me started with Inklingo.


  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    I hope spring will get here early this year, doesn’t appear to be happening in this part of the country yet! Too COLD!

    Your blocks and quilt will be wonderful!


  6. Wow, Cathi – that’s a lot of stitching! How is the weather condition over there? We missed the snow and got only rain. And today the sun is out…. I am thinking of you as I looked out the window and saw the sun.

    Hope your migraine goes away soon.



  7. Even through a migraine you still manage more stitching than me. I hope your migraine clears soon for you nothing worse. You have worked really fast on your POTC frames. One of these days I’ll get back and stitch a few more of mine up. Kitties are really cute. Loved the one yesterday of Smudge with the teddy. Very cute. Stay safe indoors through the bad weather you’re getting. hugs Ellyx


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