X’s and O’s

My Improved 9-Patch quilt top which I’ve named X’s and O’s, and which was hand pieced in a few weeks.  I started piecing it on August 9 and took the last stitch completing the main body of the top on September 1, 2010.  The picture was taken on September 2, when the lawn on the roof garden was still green and there was no snow.  Without borders it measures approximately 41 x 48″.  One of the two borders I have planned for X’s and O’s will be pieced.

I used the Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe collection to print all the shapes for this. Perfect stitching lines and matching points printed on the back of my fabrics made putting this together a breeze.  Even though I knew it would go together easily as I had just finished the Chintz Circles quilt made with shapes from the same Inklingo collection, I was amazed at how quickly I finished stitching it.  Once I got the idea for this quilt, I worked out a plan for my quilt using the design sheets and Monkey’s Cheat Sheet which are part of the Inklingo collection and filled out a cheat sheet, chose the fabrics and printed my shapes.  All done in one evening.  By the time two days had passed, I had all the 9-patches pieced and then it was just a matter of lots and lots of continuous stitching as I joined the melons to the 9-patches.

The biggest challenge for me with this quilt was keeping things in order.  Once I had the 9-patch blocks pieced, I laid them out with the melons and rearranged until I was satisfied with the placement.  Not having a design wall, I laid it out on the bed and we took photos.  Although I kept the pieces for each row of the quilt in separate zip-lock bags, I printed one of the photos and that was my virtual design wall to which I referred constantly to ensure I hadn’t mixed anything up.

My plan is to print the shapes I need for the pieced border sometime within the next couple of weeks and hopefully have the pieced border ready within a week or so after that.  I’ve already decided on the quilting design for the quilt, so I’m hoping to have this one done within a relatively short period of time.

We were lucky and didn’t get anywhere near the kind of storm they were predicting. It snowed for hours, no question, but we didn’t get the amount they had forecast. The migraine finally lifted Wednesday evening so now I’m just left with the bruised head feeling that always comes after and will get caught up on blogs and responding to comments today.

The cats found spots to snooze on Wednesday.  Lester on the pink chair.

Smudge got his turn on the pink chair a bit later in the evening.

16 thoughts on “X’s and O’s

  1. This is beautiful Cathi – yet again. I think I’ve got it figured out – you’ve got a team of elves that help you sew and you shamelessly take credit for their work! Can’t wait to see what you’ve decided on for the border.


  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I’m looking forward to seeing how you border this top.
    I pleased for you that the migraine has finally lifted and your storm wasn’t as bad as predicted.
    Bunny smouches to the kitties, Ellyx


  3. Splendid quilt! You have so many incredible quilts that just when I think I’ve seen the best one, another one comes along!
    Glad your storm didn’t hit as hard as it could have. We finally were plowed out of out drive last night. Spring can’t come soon enough!
    My Harry has cabin fever and is so full of wildness that I just might tell him he has to go outside today! Your cats on the otherhand seem so content to just lounge away!


  4. Cathi, you have magic fingers! I can’t even imagine a person (without young twins!) being able to accomplish so much! I’ll be looking forward to your border choices/additions…fun! So glad that you are in final stage of your migraine and once you work through that bruised head stage…life will be good again! Hugs to all!


  5. What a fun quilt! Looking forward to seeing it bordered too. Glad to hear the storm wasn’t as bad as had been forecast, I had kept up with it online. Smudge and Lester have the right idea, stay inside and rest…….no over-exerting themselves!


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