Farmer’s Delight … Again

Along with finishing the quilting of the baby quilt, I started piecing another Farmer’s Delight block on Thursday.  The photo above was taken back in April, and there are a couple more blocks that have been done since but this is another of the UFOs that has made its way up the list.  It will only take 3 or 4 more blocks to finish it.

Tonight I’ll add the binding to the baby quilt and make the label.  Pictures of the finished baby quilt and the newest Farmer’s Delight block will be taken for Monday’s post.

A surprise package arrived from a non-blogging friend that included the book EQ6 Simplified.  I was thrilled and can tell already, from just looking through it, that it’s going to make a huge difference.  I’ve already picked up a couple of things.

We were absolutely delighted when Smudge decided he wanted his yogourt treat again.  He hasn’t evidenced any interest in it for what seems like forever, so watching him go for the yogourt Thursday night made us both feel fabulous!  He has been eating a bit more each day on his own, and we’re still struggling to find a food that he likes and that is good for both him and Lester.

Lester seemingly will eat almost every  food we offer.  There have been a few he’s not liked, but he’s nowhere near as finicky as Smudge.

11 thoughts on “Farmer’s Delight … Again

  1. Love the photo of the Farmer’s Delight blocks! Wish it was right now though. We could really use a little dose of spring! Glad to hear that Smudge is eating, although still finicky.


  2. Another fabulous project! Your Smudge/yogurt story reminded me of my favorite little Abyssinian cat who used to come begging when she heard my spoon scraping the bottom of my breakfast bowl of yogurt-heavy ingredients. For a while after we lost her I cried every morning but now this memory brings a smile.


  3. Hello Cathi! Those blocks are really delight for any farmer! I’m still avoinding round cuttings – otherwise I would start those amidiately! You have chosen also so beautiful colours!
    Kisses for Lester and Smudge! We love yoghurt here, too!
    Have a lovely weekend! Teje


  4. Wow, you have the best ufo’s!!! Unlike the rest of us…who keep “aging” them…you are doing your magic and turning them into finished projects! How exciting….for Smudge to perk up with interest in yogurt treats! Hugs to all the “O’s” and kitties too!


  5. You are absolutely amazing! Every single time I visit this blog, I am blown away by the intricacy and beauty of the blocks and your work! Oh, and the KITTEH KEWTIES Lester & Smudge! xxoo Patty


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