Fabric Play

Usually when I print shapes for what will be a scrappy quilt, I print lots more than I need.  These are left over from when I was making my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.  When I was making those blocks, I wanted to have lots of choices and the ability to change out colours when I was putting a block together. Then, when I had finished making the blocks, I had all these left-over pieces.  While some may think it’s wasteful, for me it’s like having a box full of ideas waiting to be discovered.  Over the past few days I’ve been playing with a design idea and last night I progressed from a rough sketch on paper to playing with the fabric shapes.  Once again, a digital camera is a great asset — I used it to take photos of the various layouts I’m playing with for future reference.

Tuesday was windy and rainy as a huge low pressure system came through.  I had a migraine from very early Tuesday morning but was still able to spend some time with fabric.  The tree in front of our living room window has now pretty well lost all its leaves thanks to the wind.

The vet called Tuesday and said he’ll call again on Saturday to see if Lester has had any symptoms reappear, in which case he’ll have another course of antibiotics.  So far, he seems like he’s over it but we’ll be watching him carefully over the next few days.  He was resting Tuesday evening.

Smudge was watching as I was laying out fabric pieces, although you can’t really tell that from this picture.  I kept waiting for him to decide to “help”, but he was interested in only watching this time.  I’m not altogether sure what the look on his face is saying — whether he was approving, bored or giving me one of those impossible to fathom kitty looks.

10 thoughts on “Fabric Play

  1. Smudge is focussing and Lester is working easily on getting completely better!
    I love those colourful cutted fabric shapes. Designing a quilt lay-out is one of the best parts of making a quilt!


  2. I am so glad Lester is doing better. Resting is the best thing for him right now. My Callie gets a look on her face similar to Smudge’s. I just figured it meant ‘ok, enough with the camera already’. LOL Have a good day.


  3. How exciting…another mystery to be unveiled! Hmmm, I think Smudge has that glazed hubby look…was he also muttering “uh huh” every few minutes to pretend he was listening? ;-)))))))


  4. Can’t wait to see what you are going to do with that pile of leftover POTC hexagons. You approach fabric in the exact opposite way that I do – I print and cut EXACTLY what I need. I look at fabric as a finite resource – I guess it’s because the closest quilt store is thousands of miles away!

    I think Smudge looks zoned out – he’s meditating.


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