One Purple Pickled Lady

This will probably be the darkest of the Pickled Ladies.  The purple is quite rich but I couldn’t resist the flowers in this print.  I’m going to try to fussy cut another couple of flowers from that print to scatter throughout the top.  I’m leaning more and more towards making this a bed-sized quilt, partially because I just love making them.

The back:

In half an hour last night I had all my diamonds printed and cut out for another few of the big pink star blocks.  The setting for the blocks is already figured out as well as the border I want to use, so I’m hoping to finish it this year.

Lester had the last of the antibiotics last night so now we’re waiting to see if there will be a reappearance of the symptoms.

Smudge was draped over my legs as I was sorting the diamonds into groups for the big pink star blocks.

11 thoughts on “One Purple Pickled Lady

  1. Whit whoo! (that’s supposed to be a wolf whistle ;))
    That purple fabric is gorgeous!! LOVE IT!!
    Your pickled clamshells quilt is going to be a stunning quilt.
    And WOW! All those diamonds done too. What size diamond are you using? Another beautiful quilt in the making.
    All the best thoughts for Lester to be okay and a smouch for both. Ellyx


  2. I love love love that purple fabrci!!! The detail is wonderful when you click on the photo and enlarge it….this quilt is going to be another award winner 🙂 fondly, Sandy


  3. Great addition to the Ladies – you will definitely need more sprinkled about since this is the only purple – so far. Very exotic print – looks Asian. I’ve got to try one of these – you seem to be having so much fun.


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